Case Study: I Hurt My Patella (Knee Cap). What Do I Do?


Hurt my patella ! It's on the knee that I had surgery on years ago, I don't know what happened I was just standing up out of a chair. How do I go about fixing that Where did u go. The doc has me' in a brace for two weeks And on pain pills ( that I don't like taking). The doctor is unsure about what the problem is . No X-Ray or MRI has been done. My problem is I'm allergic to the anti inflammatory meds so I can't take those and no aspirin meds either !! He's not 100 % sure yet so he wants me' to wear a brace and rest ad much as possible
It hurts to walk. Worse with out the brace. Hurts Around the knee cap
tender to the touch. And having muscle spasms and Charlie horses. Please tell me I'm not screwed!

Frugal Fitness Answer/Analysis:

The Doctor is probably waiting for 2-3 weeks to see if the swelling goes down on its own, if it was just a micro-tear or one of your knee ligaments or patella tendon. I don't necessarily like this approach however because you are in a moderate amount of pain and discomfort and he has no sure idea of what is going on without an 
X-ray or MRI. The inflammation could subside on its own just make take a couple weeks. I think if it was really serious, you wouldn't be able to walk on it or you would feel very unstable

If the inflammation doesn't go down on its own, get an xray and mri,
insist on it.otherwise they'll ahve no idea what is the problem
could be a stress fracture, could be your patella is off track getting pulled to one side, could be a tear in your ACL, PCL, etc. Could be chondromalacia due to overuse or just the repetitive stress of everyday movements or the product of weight gain.

There is a lot of shear stress on the knee when you put all your weight on it at around a 90 degree knee bend

I know it's easier said than done, but my advice is try not to stress out about it unless it feels bad 2 weeks from now
then x ray, then mri, if its not better, or mostly better

Try to rest, hydrate, and massage the muscles above and below the knee joint. Massages, stretches, ice, hydration, keep it moving constantly flex and extend the knee to keep the joint from stiffening up.

Also, any weight loss and fat loss will be very helpful in relieving some of the added compression forces on the knee joint. You'll have to do tons of upper body and core exercises while your leg rests and swelling goes down.

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