Get Ripped 5 Day Summer Fitness Regimen

       Here is a summer training program to help you lose some weight and put on some lean and defined muscle. It's a combination of cardio to burn the fat directly and weigh training to burn off carbs and to build up muscle that keeps your metabolism up 24/7. For the jogging portion of it, it may take a few days to build up to 30 minutes so start with 15 or 20 if needed. For the cardio portion of it do medium intensity and a few times during it temporarily increase the intensity (if your jogging for instance speed up to a sprint a few times throughout your jog) because this has shown to burn a lot more calories. For the lifting portion most of the lifts are compound lifts that work many different muscles all at once instead of just isolation exercises that work only 1 muscle at once. This will give you the most bang for your buck and make your workouts quicker. Your lifting workouts should last about an hour, maybe a little less in length. If they take longer you are taking too much time in between sets. You want to take maybe a minute or a minute and half in between sets and in each set make the weight so that you can do 15 repetitions. After your first few weeks you want to make the weight heavier so that you can only do 12 reps per set. As you get stronger and in better shape you know that will go up in weight that you lift but you should also reduce the time in between sets to burn more calories.

Day 1: Lifting: Chest, Front Shoulders, Triceps

4x bench press (first set is a warmup)
4x incline bench press
2x dumbell pec flies (once you can't do anymore bang out some more dumbell chest presses)
3x dip machine
3x tricep roap pulldown (first set is a warmup)
3x military press
2x dumbell lateral raises (first set is a warmup)
1x dumbell front raises
1x upward row

Day 2: Cardio: 

30+ minute Jog outside or on treadmill (a few times per jog increase speed)

Day 3: Lifting: Back, rear shoulders, Biceps, forearms

4x row machines (first set is a warmup)
4x lat pulldown machine (first set is a warmup)
2x reverse dumbell flies (leaning forward bring dumbells out to either side of you squeezing shoulder blades together)
3x barbell curls
3x dumbell hammer curls (palms facing inward)
2x wrist curls
2x reverse wrist curls and hammer wrist curls (without stopping)

Day 4: Cardio:  

Any cardio activity with continues movement for 20 minutes or longer
ex) swimming laps, jogging, biking, exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical, stairclimber, pickup game of basketball, game of football involving a lot of running, etc, its your choice

Day 5: Lifting: Legs and abs

2x leg extensions (warm ups)
2x leg curls (warm up)
4x squats (with smith machine or regular free-weight barbell)
3x dumbell lunges
2x leg curls (regular weight this time)
1x leg extensions (end of workout do until huge burn and u can't do anymore)
4x standing or seated calf raises, do high reps!
3x deadlifts (light or medium weight)
4x crunches or other ab exercises, do high reps!

It may be hard for you to do all 5 of these days every week but make sure you do at least 3 of them per week or your progress will be slowed. If you do all 5 or even throw in an additional cardio day you will see results extremely quickly, not bad for only 5 or 6 hours a week. You should lose a pound or 2 a week even after the addition of lean muscle mass is factored in. Commit 4 or 5 hours a week to increased health, improved muscle tone, and weight loss.

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