FRUGAL WORKOUT: Total Body Trim & Tone

Turn That Flab Into "Real Steel" Like Hugh Jackman!
BoSu stepups, stair runs, stair stepups, jumping jacks, etc can be used if no elliptical, row machine, bike, etc (for us frugal workout bosses! :)

*Workout for intermediate/advanced level fitness enthusiasts!

General Workout Guidelines:
-Workout should take about 1 hour total
-15+ repetitions per set
-Very short (15 seconds) or no breaks between sets in same circuit
-30-60 seconds rest between circuits
-Protein Powder and piece of fruit after workout!

Stability Ball = Yoga Ball (interchangeable terms)
BoSu = Blue Half Ball
x = 1 set

General Warmup:
Foam Roller For Legs, Hips, Lower Back
5 Minutes Elliptical / Arc Trainer with Arms, Resistance 8-10, Moderate Speed

Circuit 1: Warmup Circuit
90 seconds dumbbell boxing with 10-12 lb dumbbells 
(uppercuts, crossovers up high, quick jabs, crossovers at midsection height, etc)
Twisting Crunches on Stability Ball 15-20 on each
Quadripeds (arm and opposite leg raises extended out, on all 4's on a mat)
Pushups on upside down BoSu 15-20 reps
Mountain climbers on upside down BoSu 15 on each leg
Tricep Dips off step 15 Reps
Alternating Heel Taps 15 on each side (lying on mat on your back)
2 Minutes Exercise Bike Resistance 12 Speed 70-80 RPM

Circuit 22 Minutes Overhand Cardio Row Machine
Chinups (reverse grip)
Dumbbell Front Raise Squats narrow stance, 12-15 lb dumbbell held horizontally between hands

Russian Twists with 10 lb weight or medicine ball
Pushups on Foam Roller (10 hands all the way out palms facing each other, 10 normal shoulder width hand placement)
Mountain Climbers on Foam Roller
Heavy resistance bands shoulder presses (12ish reps)
Heavy resistance bands bicep curls (20+ reps)
Circuit 3:
90 seconds dumbbell boxing with 10-12 lb dumbbells (uppercuts, crossovers up high, quick jabs, crossovers at midsection height, etc)Russian Twists with 5 lb plate (20-25 taps on each side)
Single Leg Hip Bridge 10-12 on each leg
Alternating heel taps 20 taps on each side
Plank with alternating leg raises 10 on each (1 second raises each time)
Pullups wide or neutral (palms facing each other) grip
Bosu Burpees 8 Reps (Upside Down Bosu, 1 Rep = Pushup, tuck jump feet towards bosu ball, stand up and raise Bosu to ceiling, lower down, hop feet back, pushup, repeat...)
Bosu quick stepups 30-45 seconds

Circuit 4:High Resistance Band Bicep Curls (20+ reps)
High Resistance Band Shoulder Presses (12 reps)
Alternating Bodyweight Lunges
Tricep Dips until failure
Stability Ball crunches holding 10-15 lb dumbbell straight up to ceiling the whole time, elbows locked out
Plank 20+ seconds hold

Cooldown: 5 Minutes Elliptical / Arc Trainer + Foam Roller + Stretch

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