My Favorite Soy Snacks On The Go!

      There are plenty of great ways to get in the health benefits of soy through frugal and delicious snacks. In fact, I am usually so lazy when it comes to cooking, and so busy (time is money after all!), that I end up eating most of my soy in snack form anyways. I'm always on the go, driving to clients, training clients, typing up workouts, making videos, running my businesses, etc that it helps me big time when I have some good healthy staples to turn to and keep my efficiency up! If you've got a busy schedule but don't want to sacrifice taste or nutrition, try out some of these great snack options!

Protein Bars:
I obviously love my protein, and getting it on the go is even better. Protein bars are the most convenient way of doing so, no mess / water / cleanup vs. shaker cups and protein powder. They are also usually fortified with plenty of fiber, some Omega-3 fatty acids, and plenty of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Stock up and keep them in your car, desk, and briefcase so you always have some good protein options. Bars such as PowerBar Protein Plus and Kashi Crunch or Chewy have plenty of great soy protein per bar.
Edamame is a great all natural snack that you can eat on the go to fill you up right. Edamame is  immature soy beans harvested and usually either boiled or steamed, traditionally topped with sea salt. They are very high in protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids (the heart healthy kind), and micronutrients making them a fantastic option for any diet.
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Cereal Handful:
Sometimes I feel like Jerry Seinfeld because I have cereal all the time, I just usually don't do it in public restaurants as much. I regularly eat Kashi cereals for lunch, dinner, and snack along with it at more traditional breakfast times. It has plenty of soy protein, tons of fiber (both soluble and insoluble), low fat and sugar, and pretty good flavor. When I am on the go, I either grab a handful, or just grab a handful or two from the box I keep in my car at all times! (my front passenger seat is also know as "the food pantry" by my friends)   :)

Soy Milk / Smoothie:
Just like in the picture above, I drink a lot of soymilk. Sometimes I just chug it right out of the container (if I don't utilize one of the smaller more appropriate cartons or Odwalla Smoothies). It's a nutrient-packed snack to guzzle down in the morning, pre-workout, post-workout, before you go to bed, or really any time of day. I say the more the better. "It does a body good!"

Soy Nuts:
Soy nuts are a great salty snack that can be a huge upgrade from your usual chips and pretzels. Eat a bag of these on the road or while you're watching the football game and you might actually lose weight sitting on your butt!

Soy Butter:
I've been known to make towers of whole grain toast with soy butter  slathered on top, and either take a South Park or Sports Center break on the couch or just bring it to the car with me on the road. Helps to give me plenty of energy for my next daily objective with all the complex carbohydrates and heart healthy fats. Occasionally, I'll even just grab a heaping spoonful of soy butter and just eat it right out of the jar! NOM NOM

Soy Protein Shake:
And obviously this list wouldn't be complete with my lifeblood, soy protein powder. This I can't eat right out of the tub but I come close, adding it to water, soy milk, oatmeal, baked goods, or soy butter (if it's chocolate of course). I've found I can build and maintain muscle mass much more effectively, without adding bodyfat, with protein supplements and the purest form of this is protein powder. I always try to have a shaker cup with a scoop or two of soy protein powder in it, so I can just add water to it wherever I am (I even have water bottles in my car for such occasions). While it can be slightly less convenient on the road than protein bars, it has less filler and is usually more effective for staying lean.

I hope you got some great ideas on how to incorporate healthy soy snacks into your daily eating schedule! Soy can really help you get in that extra protein, fiber, and healthy fat you need to take on your own daily battles!

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