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"What is Frugal Fitness and what could it possibly bring to the table to help improve sales, traffic, legitimacy, and exposure for our magazine??"

Those questions are all about to be answered, with authority! I'm much more than your average personal trainer and fitness writer. We'll start with the boring stuff. I have a degree in exercise physiology, I've been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 8 years, and have had a dozen other nationally recognized certifications in strength and conditioning, performance nutrition, medicine ball training, kettlebells, and more. I've trained thousands of clients of all ages, fitness levels, conditions, and goals with numerous success stories. I've ran a 5 minute mile, bench pressed over 300 lbs, done 30 pullups in a row, ran 5 and 10k's, and competed in natural bodybuilding and powerlifting. I've even done a little fitness modeling!

But now for the more interesting stuff. I also happen to be the cheapest fitness guru in the entire world! It's a tough economy out there, and I've made it my life's mission to get as many people in the best shape of their lives at the lowest possible cost! I wrote  and self-published The Frugal Diet and The Frugal Workout, and started Frugal Fitness for all things healthy and affordable! I'm also the brains and brawn behind Frugal Fitness TV to help demonstrate healthy cooking and workouts that can get people results on any budget!! Frugal Fitness is spreading rapidly around the world with millions of viewers, readers, and clients including doctors and media moguls! Frugal Fitness has been featured in hundreds of magazines, websites, and radio broadcasts with excellent reviews all around!

So what the hell does that mean to you and your fitness magazine's success? Guess what? Your readers like to see the coolest new fitness equipment and products from time to time, but also love seeing how to save money on their health and fitness regimen! I'm a perfect go-to guy for home workouts, travel workouts, unorthodox workouts, comprehensive workouts with 1 piece of equipment, working out with household items, eating on a budget, and saving money on any other aspect of fitness! I'm also more than just a cheapskate meat-head. I've got the best educational credentials of any fitness expert and support from the medical community. I talk the talk and walk the walk


This also isn't my first rodeo in fitness writing or product promotion. I've been writing  for 15 years, writing about fitness for a decade, and promoting fitness products and services for 8 years! I've sold thousands of items, reached millions of people, and built up brands from scratch or near oblivion. I can bring some much needed publicity, credibility, and buzz to your magazine publication with innovation and creativity. Check out my material and track record of success and I guarantee you'll be impressed!

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