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This is the unofficial week two of Beast Mode Mondays in which I encourage myself and all of you to workout, run, walk, pushup, exercise, Zumba, whatever it is that is your choice of movement LIKE A BEAST.
How did the first week go you ask? Great! Second week?
Don’t ask. I didn’t post last Monday but this post was written. I wanted to make the next week right.
Maintaining “beast mode” is not easy.
But it’s necessary! It’s necessary for your inner beast to take back part of your day to allow yourself to be a beast!
I read something last week that I will share with you:
Saying “I don’t have time” is the grown-up version of “my dog ate my homework.”
It’s something I learn over and over again. I don’t remember where I saw that now. (I am sure it was probably Pinterest.)
I couldn’t write this post without being honest, I mean part of writing about my journey through life, fitness and motherhood here is admitting my struggles out loud. You’re getting to see what happens to a frazzled Christie who is trying to start a business and is starting to get back into shape after being injured and basically taking the winter off.
It’s not easy being a person who overcommits to things and allows the dog to eat my homework.
So there you go. Now it’s not a secret that I’m struggling to find my footing these days, it’s like no type of busy I have ever been. All very good-busy, but in the scheme of things between finally getting paid blogging work and the kids’ activities, the first thing to go is the workout. I am in very unfamiliar territory. For someone who has trained 5-6 days a week for pretty much 3 years straight, it is difficult to admit I’m finding it hard to scrape together 30 SECONDS to myself.
I started writing out all the excuses but the point is, THEY ARE EXCUSES.
No one has time. You have to MAKE time.  
Literally, it is a day by day, hour by hour choice. I have always known that but each day is different. Each day brings different struggles and obstacles; sometimes there are none, sometimes the universe is out to get you, doing everything in its power to stop you from strapping on your running or cycling shoes.
Don’t listen to the universe. YOU DESERVE YOUR 30 SECONDS, 30 MINUTES, WHATEVER IT IS.
I’m talking to myself here, but feel free to heed the advice.
I deserve more than this for myself.
For me now, I know that the easier I make it for myself to get in my 30 minutes (or more!) I have to make it convenient. So since we last talked, I have secured step one of Beast Mode and it is this:
That’s right, that’s White Lightning right there ready for action in my office. And yes, I have actually trained on her.
Using the trainer is much harder than using the bike on the road, by the way. My legs go on fire pretty quickly.
Also I have taken the liberty of rearranging and cleaning out my office to accomodate both work and working out. It’s amazing how zen-like that feels.
Since it’s so hard for me to get to the gym right now, here’s my step two, my impromptu daily workout that I fit in throughout my day, sometime, any time.
This is in addition to my cardio workout from home. Since I started doing this, I have already added a few things to it:
  • Medicine ball to each side during lunges
  • Medicine ball or weights to squats
  • During the rest between squat sets, doing a different arm exercise like flys or presses
  • In between pushup sets, I do a different type of crunch (regular, bicycle, side…)
It’s amazing what just having your own body weight and some light weights around the house can do for you. And also, those wall holds KICK MY BUTT! So do the wall sits which are good for the pooch. (I saw those on Pinterest).
Feel free to do this workout however read below disclaimer.* 
Also if I get called back on the audition from two weeks ago, I’m getting a treadmill.
If I don’t get a call back on the audition, I’m getting a treadmill. (It will just be a little more expensive.)
Also, on Friday I finally got my MRI! I now just have to get the doctor to read it! And Saturday I have the Disney 5k as part of the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Weekend. Since I have been able to run 3 pain-free miles, the 5k I am sure will go ok.
SO. What are you doing in Beast Mode? Go forth and be the beast that you are. We all have it in us to be great.
And today I’m going to be great.
Disclaimer: If you do the workout I posted, feel free to modify it any way you see fit. Also, I’m not a trainer, I know this works for me and may not work for you, so check with your trainer-doctor-person if you have questions about what to do.
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