Frugal Sports Medicine: Neck Pain Triggers

Submitted By Phillip Peters, Inventor of Shane's Neck Brace
With age, your body does not operate as well as it used to because of stress that has occurred over the years.  You may not notice it constantly but the pain sneaks up on you. Because of stress, your muscles and bones deteriorate and this is one factor that causes neck pain.
What are the major causes of neck pain?
  • As you age, your muscles and bones are not as strong as they were at one time.  The disc experiences wear and tear.  When water is lost, the area cannot easily absorb water because the texture changes. When the area tears, it does recuperate but this is known as scar tissue which is not as strong as original tissue. This occurs frequently without you knowing about it. Neck muscle pain can occur because of muscle deterioration just like bone deterioration.
  • I’m sure you’ve experienced having a stiff neck at one time or another.  This is the most common type ofneck pain diagnosis.  One of the most common causes of neck pain is muscle strain. This happens when you experiences a spasm due to an injury. The disc and the surrounding areas may also be affected by the injury.
  • Another neck pain cause is a pinched nerve because of a herniated disc. Moving your neck requires pressure on your vertebrae as well as the disc which can handle shock.  If you apply too much pressure, this can lead to the swelling of the spine as well as the nerves. In this condition, moving your neck is painful.
  • When the root of the nerve separates from the spine, it leads to a person’s arm. The signals are recognized in this area to cause motion but when a pinched nerve occurs, this function is not performed properly. The muscles lose strength and the area becomes numb.  Bone loss and/or a herniated disc can be responsible for the onset of neck pain.
  • Everyone is active throughout the day.  Even a simple activity like staying seated can put stress on your muscles.  If your muscles are tired, you may experience neck pain.  This is another common cause of neck pain that people do not realize. If you don’t rest your muscles, the neck pain will increase until it becomes a regular part of your everyday life. You will feel sore and won’t be able to move the area of your body easily or without pain.
There are many more reasons why people may a problem of this nature. Though you are experiencing neck pain, this doesn’t mean that you have to put up with it.  There are ways you can get neck pain relief.
Some of the techniques include exercising for treatment of neck pain and medicine. The most common and effective method used is exercise.  Special exercises have been developed for this purpose.
Before you treat the problem, be sure to get medical attention first. Never take a chance with your physical well being.

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