Frugal Sports Medicine: Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Neck Pain Treatment Options

By Phillip Peters, Inventor of Shane's Neck Brace
You don’t have to sit there and put up with the neck pain.  You can do neck pain treatments yourself at home to help you alleviate it. There are some methods you can use that can be done at home.
Non-Surgical Treatment for Neck Pain: Home Treatments for Neck Pain
The most common method of neck pain treatment is using medications that will alleviate the pain, swelling and stop muscle spasms that you experience.  When taking medication, you must be careful to use it only as directed on the label if it is over the counter medicine or as directed by your doctor if it is a prescription.
neck brace will help keep the neck from moving if you are suffering from an injury.  This product will also help the neck to align properly. Most of the cervical collars are made from foam or metal and are soft or hard depending on the material it is made from.  Using one will restrict you from performing some daily tasks easily like driving, eating or household chores.
Physical therapy for neck pain is another option.  Your physical therapist will give youneck pain exercises to do that will help restore your neck back into good condition. The exercises will help to ease your neck pain, eliminate stiffness in the neck and also alleviate any swelling. The muscles of your neck will become stronger with the persistent use of the exercises.  Hot and cold applications may also be recommended. These methods are also used by chiropractors for chronic neck pain patients. Many people turn to neck exercises for neck pain rather than turning to surgical methods.
Surgical Neck Pain Treatments
Surgery is usually not required in most cases but if your neck pain persists and the issue does not correct itself through other measures, surgery may be required. There are various procedures to help alleviate your neck pain.
The most commonly performed neck pain surgery is an anterior cervical discectomy which is the removal of the disc.  This is performed to get rid of the pressure that is put on a nerve.  The herniated disc that is responsible for the pressure is removed.
Spinal fusion is another type of neck pain surgery that involves joining two separate bones together.  This is a cast to strengthen the spinal vertebrae so the “marriage” can take place. Bone grafts are done using rods to create one bone. This is an ideal option if the cause of neck pain is movement of the vertebrae.
Since most neck pain can be treated without surgery, you try some of the methods to help alleviate your suffering.  Though not all methods are guaranteed, you can get some relief.  A medical professional will be able to give you more information on your options. If you don’t have any other options, surgery may be the last resort.
The non-surgical methods are recommended because they are non evasive and are less expensive.  These methods also do not leave any scars behind like neck pain surgery does.

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