Breakfast, Lunch, Workout, Go!

By Maria Waldron, Author of A LIFE TO BRAGG ABOUT

ALLLL BYYYY MYYYSEEELLLLFF. Yes, I am really singing along to Celine Dion. Don't hate.

Anyway. Part of being married to the military is dealing with your spouse's frequent, last minute trips out to the field. In the Army, being "in the field" can mean anything. In this case, the hunk is off jumping out of perfectly good airplanes at night, going through a land navigation course, "rucking" back to the starting point all just to do everything again repeatedly until Monday night. Sounds fun, right? NOT. He's been gone since 4am this morning so I can't imagine how exhausted he must be. 

In my case, I actually don't mind the absences every now and then. While my husband and I used to be one of those annoying couples where we were glued to each others sides all the time, since his time in the Army I have really come to appreciate when he leaves. I get time to myself to workout however long I want, pamper myself, and watch trash TV. All the things I don't really do when he's around. I make a good Army wife :) 

Of course I miss him like crazy however. Going to bed knowing the love of your life is jumping into trees at night is never fun! 

Today's breakfast was a tall stack of protein pancakes. Unfortunately, not having the hunk around means not having delicious Sunday brunch. Nevertheless, I am always happy when there are protein pancakes on my plate ;D

Can't forget the gobs of maple syrup to go along with the thickest, fluffiest pancakes ever. The key to fluffy procakes (yes, that's what I'll call them from now on) is to not skimp on baking powder. Those things will fluff up like magic when you're generous with baking powder. 

Lunch? What lunch? I skipped lunch today - oops. I did however snack on carrots and hummus and had an apple with PB but that's about it. Hey, we can't all be perfect all the time. Just pretty close to perfect, right? Yeah I'm winking at ya right now ;) 

What to make when you're temporarily single but not trying to mingle? Breakfast! I love breakfast for dinner so tonight I made a sweet potato, onion and kale hash topped with broiled eggs in my handy dandy cast iron skillet. Um. YUM!

 These pictures don't do the meal any justice. Everything tastes better in a cast iron skillet but it's hard to get good photos from an iphone with no natural light.

Yup, you read that right. I searched all weekend for the DSLR camera that I wanted and they were out of stock everywhere I checked. I may have to just bite the bullet and order it online. Ordering expensive and fragile things online give me the heebie jeebies and I'm sure I'm not alone in that feeling.

Oh well.

When I'm all by my lonesome is when I get the best runs in. Today I made my way over to a popular trail here at Bragg which is notorious for its 2 mile trek through the pretty woods and then it's 2 mile hill that goes straight up and is comprised of red clay. Soft, red clay. Which is good for your joints but harder to run in. Very, very hard. Before you get to the red clay, you hit sand and running on sand is also difficult as your feet sink and you have to work harder to pick up your stride.

And what do you do when you come across this during your run? Run through the water? Turn around?
Not this big baby! I ended up running on the side where all of the rocks were. I'm not badass enough to run through the water, I didn't want to ruin my shoes haha. 

For the record, here's the 2 mile red clay hill. This is after I reached the top and it's hard to tell how steep it is.

I noticed that on the way back down I was booking it. I'm so much faster when I'm alone and in my own world. I love it!

And now I'm off to finish some laundry, paint my nails and watch my guilty pleasure, Desperate Housewives! Hope your Monday is kind to you tomorrow :)

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