30 Minute Elliptical Insanity Workout!

Contributed by Courtney Horan, Author of  Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.
I can feeeeeel the burrrrrrn! :shock:
This morning started off nice and early with a trip to the gym. I debated on attending the BodyPump class that they offer, but decided to wait since I’m still pretty sore from Friday’s class. I’m so glad I decided to forego BodyPump, because I had one heck of a cardio workout!!!
Thanks to my latest issue of Self magazine, I had a few different cardio ideas that I’ve been wanting to try, so today was the day to do it. I started off with the treadmill, combining both of the magazine’s treadmill workouts to come up with this…I’ll call it the:
Backside Burner Workout
By the time this workout was over, I was definitely feelin’ my backside. However, apparently that wasn’t enough for me today, so I scooted on over to the elliptical for another routine…
Let me warn you though; this is not just any routine…this easily had to be the most difficult elliptical workout I have ever done. :shock: If you’re up for a challenge, give this 30 minute routine a try:
30 Minute Elliptical Insanity
*Set the cross ramp to 10 for entire workout*

I seriously considered quitting at about minute 7, but I told myself to stick with it…I’m no quitter! The 1 minute intervals on this routine were absolutely crazy. I could not believe how intense they were! Just remember to keep your strides per minute up as high as you can handle in order to maximize the burn!
After completing my insane cardio workouts for the day, I finished up with about 10 minutes of abs and another 5-7 minutes of serious stretching. It felt so good to stretch!
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