Compound Sets For Muscle Growth & Endurance

Compound Sets are an intermediate to advanced resistance training technique that can be utilized for increases in muscle mass, muscle endurance, and metabolism. A compound set is completing one exercise working a specific muscle group, and then afterwards immediately performing a different exercise working the same muscle group. Because there is no break between the two sets, you never really rest the muscle group being targeted. Because you are doing a different exercise for the second set in the series, you may be able to perform additional reps than if you had stayed with the first exercise until muscle failure. You fatigue with muscle with two different stimuli and may create an adaptation in muscle size, strength, endurance, or a metabolic boost from overall body exertion. Some other examples of this include dumbbell bicep curls followed by preacher curls, or weighted tricep dips followed by rope pulldown elbow extensions. The reason why this training tactic should not be practiced by beginners is mostly due to jeopardizing lifting technique because they are focusing on two things at once and pushing themselves in a fatigued state.

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