5 Food Swaps For Improved Nutrition

Written for a very specific client's needs but is a good case study and example for many on how to easily yet significantly improve your nutrition via substitution. Get On My Nets!

1) Switch Splenda at home for Truvia (brand name) or another stevia (sweetener) powder. Can be bought in packets or in jars, at pretty much every grocery store now. See how you like it though before you buy too much. Also try to reduce the Splenda in your coffee a little bit when you are out at Panera etc.

2) Switch your Jiffy peanut butter for Tedi all natural unsalted peanut butter. Also an option is any almond butter but it is at least twice as expensive. Almond butter is slightly healthier for cholesterol and bodyfat reduction. You want to switch this in, a teaspoon of natural peanut butter or almond butter or a handful of almonds instead of a rice cake or two.

3) Switch out your Ritz and other crackers for a handful of Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon dry cereal, Total Bran Flakes, Cheerios, or Kashi whole grain crackers.

4) Switch out your salad dressing to either make your own, or buy Newman's Own or another all natural / organic dressing to avoid some of the filler, sugars, and preservative junk. 

5) Switch out your Market Basket wheat bread for Arnold brand 100% Whole Wheat to reduce filler, corn syrup, and preservatives. This may also increase your fiber and protein a bit, which is always good.

* Stock up your desk drawer in your office with almonds, Kashi cereal, and/or Kashi or other whole wheat / whole grain crackers.

Overall making these switches, and not eating fruit after 4 or 5pm, will translate to better blood sugar/insulin levels, improved cholesterol, improved energy levels, increased natural fiber consumption, and better muscle recovery. Lots of good stuff!

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