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Hey Frugal Fitness Fans! Today is a holiday (in the US), but I still gotta get out my "Mr. Frugal Fitness Monday Thoughts" on something important health and fitness related. I've been watching far too much Comedy Central, which is another issue altogether, but I am seeing a lot of legal groups offering class action lawsuits and settlements for health, fitness, athletic, and medical products. These include Sketcher Shape Ups (ankle or bone injuries), Tylenol / Acetaminophin (liver damage), Fat Burners (heart issues or lack of results), and acne medicine that I took as a teenager (liver and kidney failure). Sadly this isn't just a bad few months, or a desperate temporary attempt for the legal community to earn a few bucks. There are TONS of products that get approved by the FDA and other governing bodies of health and safety that may not be safe at all. You need to be very critical and suspicious when purchasing anything that even has an indirect effect on your health. Think big picture and long term if you aren't sure.

It does make me pretty angry that a lot of our government and independent agencies let us down constantly due to budget cuts, corruption, bribery, lobbyists, legal loopholes, or however else they get these bogus products onto our shelves and into our bodies. I have come to the point, along with many others, where I don't trust anything or anyone these days really because of so much misinformation or biased information. It's sad but that's the way you have to be. Don't let it stress you out too much, but keep in the back of your head that the medicine you might be taking, or the newest fitness gadget you might be using, or the latest diet trend you are utilizing, might end up being harmful to you down the road. That's another reason why you should avoid extreme diets and consume products in moderation. Do your research before purchasing products. It just might save your liver!

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