Break Through Training Plateaus w/ These Intermediate-Advanced Training Techniques

1) Incorporate Drop Sets into your workout to really push your muscles to the max. This intermediate-advanced workout technique requires you to do as many repetitions as possible of a weightlifting exercise, reduce the weight 10-30%, and then without taking a break continue doing repetitions until you reach muscle failure again. This allows your muscles and your body to push itself beyond normal stages of fatigue and results in greater fat burning and muscle strengthening benefits. An example would be doing 15 repetitions of the row machine at 50 lbs of resistance, then dropping the weight down to 40 lbs immediately after and completing another 10 reps or whatever it takes to reach complete exhaustion. A great way to help push past training plateaus!

2) Incorporate supersets into your workout for great muscle group specific weightlifting workout boost. First you do an exercise emphasizing a specific muscle group such as a dumbbell bicep curl. Then immediately after completing that set, you do an exercise working the opposite muscle group, such as a lying dumbbell triceps extension. That way you strengthen one muscle group (the contracting muscle) while you stretch the opposite one, and then vice versa on the second exercise! Great for toning and flexibility improvements! Another great way to break through training plateaus

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