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Thumbs Up For These Peeps, Thumbs Down 4 GOMI!
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Please don't sue me Henry Winkler, that would not make for very HAPPY DAYS for me! :p

If you aren't familiar with Get Off My Internets (GOMI), it's pretty much a bunch of gossipy haters that like to criticize the posts, videos, and websites of some of the internet's biggest personalities. They seem to GET OFF on tearing people down and criticizing their hard work. I like accountability and all, but this website is really just pretty pathetic when it comes right down to it. I don't know what came first, this website or Gossip Girl (I've only seen 2.4 episodes I swear), but it seems kind of similar. I'm not on the site at all to my knowledge, maybe because I'm a dude or just am not nearly popular enough at this point, but the negativity of this site really got me thinking. If I had the energy and time, I'd make a ripoff site called Get ON My Internets featuring helpful, positive, honest, and enthusiastic social media influencers and ballin bloggers instead of being one that cuts down everyone in seething jealousy and insecurity.

So I don't have the time and effort to make a whole site (yet) and of course don't want to deal with any legal backlash, but I will start a new series today highlighting some of my favorite POSITIVE and healthy internet personalities! Am I  mentioning people I know? Well yeah, you gotta write about what you know about, and who you follow. I'm not going to write about people I don't know anything about, that would be something GOMI would do! Am I missing tons of inspiring and amazing people? Of course! That's why I will write follow-ups and try to get to know people better and follow new personalities to see what they have to offer. These people will help you to reach your fitness goalsSo here's my first batch of people that I WANT ON MY INTERNETS! (in no particular order)

1) ShakeLightly's Brandon Collingwood:
Why am I starting with Brandon? Because I think he's one of the biggest hidden gems in fitness, YouTube, and comedy. He's a personal trainer / comedian out of California with a pretty great sense of humor, a very strong and genuine desire to help people, and he's jacked as hell! He's helped and entertained so many people, but he's also very modest and self-deprecating, so I have to be the promotional jackass to put his great stuff out there! He has over 2 million YouTube views and some interesting and consistent content yet I rarely hear anyone talking about him. I hope that changes in short time, he definitely deserves it. You should check his stuff out for yourself!

2) Brooklyn Fit Chick
An epic blogger, vlogger, fitness instructor and media guru. From the concrete jungle where dreams are made of (there's nothing you can't do). This Fit Chick has tons of great posts on workouts, fitness media, lifestyle, and pop culture. Delicious and nutritious stuff for your brain! Check out her site!! NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN!

3) Scooby's Workshop
Scooby's Workshop on YouTube is one of the first workout channels online and he's got 200 MILLION views to show for it! He's pretty much the father of YouTube Fitness for Men, and puts out some great videos and articles to help beginners and pretty much anyone get in great workouts in their home or on the go. He's pretty damn helpful and has a great attitude towards helping others while not being about profit margins.

4) Jack Nauss of Choose Fitness:
Start with a YouTube/Fitness hidden gem, and I'll end with another! Jack Nauss is 18 years old and he's got over 200 YouTube Fitness videos, over 25k subscribers, and over a million views! He's a freak of a natural bodybuilder, a hard worker, and is always very supportive and helpful to anyone who communicates with him online. If he keeps up his work ethic, this guy could be the next fitness icon! If you have a question, especially on youth fitness or teen bodybuilding (or youth entrepreneurship in my opinion), this is the guy to ask.

More posts like this to come down the road! I apologize for missing you in the first batch, time to go back to watching Gossip Girl...I mean doing manly things! Cars, Bench Press, Babes, and so forth.

Stay Positive Everyone and Don't Feed The Trolls!

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