Post P90x Women's Recovery Drink? Your Questions Answered!

Your Question:
Hey there, random queston..since I'm doing p90x workouts daily...what product would you recommend as a recovery drink? I'm definitely missing that component.. Thanks  figured you were the best person to ask!!

Frugal Fitness Answer:
For general health, toning, and muscle recovery I'd recommend a few options. You want a combination of high quality protein, some carbs, and some antioxidants (you'll get in a few electrolytes with any of these options). You can keep it simple and drink 12 oz of soy or skim milk, mixed with a quarter or half scoop of protein powder (I usually take whey / casein protein but some go for soy protein powder or Vega vegetarian protein powder). If you are going for the whey/casein protein, I recommend everyone go with Dymatize Elite XT which is the cheap / high quality / pretty good tasting protein I recommend to pretty much everyone. The only time I don't take that specific protein really is if I'm trying to save even more money using up free protein or I spend extra on more bulking protein that tastes better but has more fat. 

You could also go the route of making a protein fruit smoothie or protein / peanut butter smoothie in a blender. I recommend a banana, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, skim/soy milk, natural peanut butter, and ice. Or leave out the banana or natural peanut butter. You could also go the blueberry or strawberry route with vanilla or strawberry protein powder.

This will be more than enough protein for a woman looking to put on a bit of muscle and strength. The more muscle you are looking to put on, the more milk and fruit you can add to the shake or smoothie! I wouldn't take more than 20 grams of protein at once for what you are looking for, but a lot of pre-made drinks or protein tubs recommend a lot more, mostly to make more money off you. After all, the more you take, the sooner you run out and have to buy more haha.

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