Steak & Veggie Kabobs And Avocado Dip Recipe

It’s very rare that I’m all over it enough to marinade a steak the day before but this was actually one of those rare occurrences like Haley’s Comet or a solar eclipse. I’m having a hard time finding store-bought steak marinades with no colorings or preservatives so my steak marinade recipe is simple: a bunch of Worcestershire sauce and a bunch of teriyaki sauce in a baggie for now. Done.
But I saw this recipe on Pinterest of course and I needed it in my life. Verdict? Keeper.   

Serve with baked potato or any other side! The kids LOVED this. Everyone scarfed these. I ate the kids’ red peppers. They ate the rest though. The avocado dip made this so much better. Enjoy! And pin it for later!! mmmmmm yummy.

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