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Hey Frugal Fitness Fans! I have always been a little lacking in the proper breathing department and it has always been detrimental to my health and fitness results. I can get into a good breathing pattern when I am jogging, focusing during a tough set of weights, or when I am trying to lay down and take a nap. Other than that though, I've always had the habit of holding my breath or other poor breathing habits, which can raise blood pressure, stress, and reduce oxygen to the brain and muscles. I also haven't been much of a yoga or pilates guy over the years. It can also reduce my body's ability to burn fat and improve my overall metabolism. So that's why I really wanted to give the BreathSlim All Natural Weight Loss Device a try and the more I thought about it and used it, the more I was impressed with the system and the benefits.

The BreathSlim device, which I use just a short time each day, helped and continues to help me improve my breathing techniques that needs a lot of work. I've noticed some improved lung capacity, cardiovascular endurance, stress relief (always important for mental health and reducing excess cortisol levels), and improved fat loss. I've definitely been feeling more relaxed (I am usually a pretty high stress person) and looking leaner in just a short amount of time. If you are looking to improve lung capacity, cardiovascular health / performance, stress relief, and fat loss through improved oxygenation and reduced cortisol levels, you got to get one for yourself. If you are skeptical, you will have to do your own research and give it a shot before you knock it! I'm a fan!!

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