Six Pack Summer Weekly Challenge

Contributed By Samantha Zeigler, Author of Running & Cupcakes
Good Monday morning my beautiful friends! Last week I told you guy about a personal challenge Kevin and I are embarking upon – to have six pack abs by Columbus Day weekend. We thought it would be really fun if we got you guys involved too!
Introducing the Six Pack Summer Weekly Challenge!Each week I will present you with the Six Pack Move of the Week.
The challenge?
Complete as many reps of the move of the week, as often as you can.
Check in with me on Sundays, when we’ll do a weekly recap, and see who can blast their abs the best each week!
Move of the week #1 is brought to you by Fitness Magazine and it’s called the Bridge “N” Curl –This move targets so much more than your abs too, it’s a fantastic lower body move!
Targets abs, hips, butt, hamstrings
  • Lie face up on the ground, arms by sides, knees bent and feet flat, squeezing a soccer ball (or rolled up towel) behind knees. (Modification – squeeze the ball or towel between your thighs)
  • Keeping knees tightly tucked, curl hips off ground to bring knees toward chest.
  • Return feet to ground, then lift hips so that body forms a straight line from knees to chest.
  • Lower to start, repeat for 1 minute.
Your goal this week – Keep track of how many reps you do per minute, how many sets you do per day. See if you continue to improve as the week goes on, and check back in with me on Sunday!
So, who’s in on this challenge?! Lets get those six packs rocking just in time for fall!
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