Frugal Recipes: Pesto Chicken & White Veggie Pizzas

Contributed By Courtney Horan, Author of Sweet Tooth Sweet Life
Tonight I decided to make two different pizzas out of one crust.  My lovely hubby did my least favorite job of separating and rolling out the dough (Thanks Jay!) :-D
Naked Dough… :shock:
While he took care of the dough, I got all the toppings ready:
Fresh garlic…MMMM :-P
PESTO!  My experiment for the night…
Ever since our first experiment, pizza in this house is now solely cooked on the GRILL!  So after throwing the “naked” dough directly onto the grates for about 8 minutes, it was time to get down to business.
Pizza #1 – Pesto Chicken & Sun-Dried Tomato
Pizza #2 – Chicken & Veggie White Pizza
Both Pizza #1 & Pizza #2 received a treatment of some EVOO, garlic, & more garlic powder on the crust.
Pizza #1 was topped with a pesto base, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, baby spinach, onions, mozzarella cheese, some tomato-basil grilled chicken which Jay grilled up yesterday, and some fresh basil.
Pizza #2 was topped with some fresh tomato slices, tomato-basil grilled chicken, green & yellow bell peppers, onions, mozzarella & Romano cheeses, dried oregano, and some fresh basil.
The pizzas then went back onto the grill for about 8-10 more minutes, until the bottoms of the crust were crispy, and the cheese was melted….
And we ended up with these delicious pizzas! :-D
I started out with one piece of each (we cut Pizza #1 into 4′s and Pizza #2 into 6′s).
The Pesto Chicken Pizza was absolutely AMAZING.  If I could think of another word to describe it any better than AMAZING right now, I would, but it’s all I got.  The flavors of the pesto + chicken + sun-dried tomatoes was the perfect combo in my book!
The white veggie pizza was also scrumptious, but I’ve made something like it before, so it wasn’t quite as exciting. ;)
With a little more vino…. ;)
I actually ended up going back for a second piece of the Pesto Chicken…it was THAT good! :mrgreen:
I’m pretty positive that I have some Pretzel & Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies in my future, since I haven’t had one since breakfast this morning!  Other than that, it’s a relaxing Friday at home with the hubby…it’s been a long week!
Question for the night:
What’s your favorite way to “unwind” on a Friday night?
I think for me, it actually depends on my mood. Some nights, like tonight, I just like staying home and relaxing, since we haven’t been able to in a couple weeks.  Other nights, Jay and I enjoy being out with friends, maybe going out to dinner, or enjoying a bonfire.  

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