Post-Surgery Hip & Thigh Toning: Your Questions Answered!

Your Question:
Hi Frugal Fitness, I need some tips from you !! 4 weeks ago I underwent abdominal surgery in a emergency situation it was life or death but anyhow in 2 weeks I've lost unexpected wait 15 lbs the first 2 weeks and now I need inner thigh toning what do you think is a good work out for upper inner thighs that's my main issue at this time (flabby) doesn't look appealing to me :( later I'll need tips on regaining abdominal muscles but the incisions are still pretty new and I'm not ready to target that yet and I don't think the Dr's want me to either. But if you got some good tip on toning upper thighs I'd love em :-) Ty 

Frugal Answer:
Well first off I'm sorry to hear about the surgery and I hope recovery goes alright. Second, make sure to follow all contraindications your doctors / surgeons gave you for activities you can and can't do. If you are cleared to exercise, some good exercises to build lean muscle to fill out and tone the upper thighs are squats, wide squats, lunges, and leg raises. You can do all of these with limited range of motion (lower down half way for example) and even using a wall, couch, etc for support if needed. You can always increase range of motion or add weights later, the key is not to aggravate where the incisions were made, you need to let the abdominal muscles adequately heal. So overall, if its appropriate right now, workout very conservatively. Just keep trying, make smart decisions, be patient, and never give up!

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