Interview With World Champion Boxer Jose Rivera

jose rivera world champion boxer interview

The People's Champion Jose Rivera! 

Hey Frugal Fat Fighters! It is the Rocky Balboa of Cheapness here to talk to you about an amazing world-champion pro athlete, an amazing company with a business opportunity that might be right for you, and a great gym in Worcester, MA! Now that is a lot of fantastic frugal fitness, you might need to take a break from your one-armed pushups for this one, so let's break this down into ROUNDS. Ding ding! Let's have a clean fight!

Ouch! Glad I'm not getting hit by Jose & the only punches I take are to my ego!

ROUND 1: Jose Rivera, 3x World Boxing Champion

I got an incredible opportunity to meet and interview with former 3x World Champion Boxer Jose Rivera, who is now retired from the boxing ring but still very active in the boxing, fitness, and athletic community. 

He is currently a highly sought after personal trainer, boxing coach, and leader of USANA Health Sciences Team Rivera (he is also the on their Athletic Advisory Council with other world-class athletes). And that's on top of his full time job, and I thought I worked a lot! This guy is a beast (my arms were feeling puny sitting next to him!), he has been through it all in athletics, and he's very smart and diligently does his research on all things training and nutrition. He leads USANA's Team Rivera which distributes the highest quality nutritional supplement products on the planet, and you can join his elite team! Make money while helping others get healthier? Sounds like a good deal to me! And of course while I was there, I had to show him a few things in the ring (ok I made that last part up haha).

Me pretending to be a champion in areas other than frugality! 

ROUND 2: USANA Health Sciences
USANA Health Sciences strives to be the highest quality nutritional supplement company on the planet! Their creto and all of their products emphasize health at the cellular level, superior research, and the highest standards of quality to translate into improved health, performance, and quality of life for all those taking their products. The amoUnt of scientists and researchers in this company is staggering, and that translates into extremely powerful and proven products. Jose Rivera looked to these products and the company's nutritional expertise to help maximize his illustrious career, and now he's helping others benefit from the same opportunity. Jose met with all of the doctors, researchers, and even visited the world-class manufacturing facility to make sure that this was the best company and the best product line to team up with. They make premium and highly effective multivitamins, multiminerals, antioxidant formulas, heart healthy fat blends, muscle-repairing protein mixes, and much more (all safe for athletic competitions! no banned substances!) that you can see at Usana health sciences MLM.

ROUND 3: Camp Get Right Worcester, MA
Camp Get Right in Worcester, MA is one of my favorite types of gyms that is all about results, and none of the BS you find at most upscale hoity-toity gyms (not frugal, not cool). This is the kind of place where champions are made, and not the place where you sip on a smoothie while on your cell phone on an elliptical with resistance 1. This gym has everything you could want for real results from boxing rings, to MMA rings, to functional training (monster truck tires, sledge hammers), speed bags, heavy bags, kettlebells, medicine balls, jump ropes, dumbbells, ropes.... and none of that Nautilus Equipment crap or unnecessary rows of fancy cardio equipment. While you don't have to be a badass to enjoy a great workout here, you will certainly be a badass by the time you leave and you'll understand how to train harder and smarter with the most effective and necessary equipment. Men & Women of all ages, goals, and fitness levels welcome!

All of these strong women could kick my butt easily!

Join USANA Team Rivera Today! 

And if you are in the Worcester, MA area...or even remotely close by, besides hitting up Camp Get Right, on a very personal note, I would highly recommend you look into hiring Jose as your personal trainer. Whether you are training for boxing, another sport, or just trying to get in better shape, this guy is an incredible resource you should utilize. I can't imagine how much I would have benefited, in athletics and in my fitness career, to work with a skilled trainer/coach when I was a teenager, instead of teaching myself and making so many mistakes along the way... much less a world champion! Make the investment.

Thanks Jose for your time, expertise, and not knocking me out!

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