This workout regimen is for an intermediate fitness enthusiast, very driven, looking to take physique and performance to the next level. It can be worked up to, modified, and reduced in training volume if needed...


x = 1 set of 8-15 Reps

Day 1: Total Body Lifting / Interval Beasting (With Frugal Fitness or On Your Own at Latitude Sports)
5 Minutes Elliptical w/ Arms
1x Pushups Warmup
1x Dumbbell front and lateral raises (10 lb dumbbells) Warmup
2x Lat Pulldown Machine 80-100+ lbs vary grips
2x Chest Press Machine 80-100+ lbs vary grips
5 Minutes Bike Resistance 8-10 Speed 60-80 RPM
2x Dumbbell Squats 15-20 lb dumbbells
2x Physioball crunches
5 Minutes ArcTrainer w/ mobile Arms Resistance 12-15
2x Planks
1x Pushups until failure
3 Minutes Treadmill Incline walk (cooldown)

Day 2: Cardio
45 Minute Walk/Job Combo, hills if you can

Day 3: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
3 Minutes Elliptical w/ Arms
1x Pushups Warmup
1x Dumbbell front and lateral raises (10 lb dumbbells) Warmup
3x Chest Press Machine 80-120+ lbs vary grips
3x Dumbbell Chest Flies 20-25 lb dumbbells
3x Dumbbell Incline Chest Presses 30-50 lb dumbbells
2x Dumbell Standing Shoulder Press 20-25 lb dumbbells
1x front and lateral dumbbell raises til failure (10 lb dumbbells)
1x Pushups until failure
1x Tricep Bench dips til failure
1x Plank hold until failure

Day 4: Cardio & Abs / Core
3x Crunches
3x Planks
3x Hip Bridges / Single Leg Hip Bridges
30-45 Minutes Stairclimber

Day 5: Legs, Biceps, Back Abs, Core
3 Min Cardio Row Machine (vary overhand, underhand, and close/wide grips)
1x Warmup Pushups
3x Row Machine 100 lbs
3x Lat Pulldown Machine 100 lbs
3x Single Arm Dumbbell Rows
3x Dumbbell Squats 20 lb dumbbells
2x Dumbbell Wide Squats
2x Dumbbell Hammer Curls 20 lb weights
2x Dumbbell Bicep curls 20 lb weights
2x Reverse Cable Flies (working upper back and rear shoulders)
3 Minutes cardio row machine (cool down)

Day 6: Core & Cardio
3x Twisting Crunches
3x Planks hold 15-30 seconds per set
3x Hip Bridges / Single Leg Hip Bridges (do some holding, do some dynamic)
30-45 Minutes Cardio (your choice)

Day 7: Rest / Active Recovery
Light stretching, maybe 1 easy set of pushups / squats / crunches, optional 1-2 mile walk slow.

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