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Sorry but fitness programs aren't usually "get rich quick" schemes
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Just wanted to share a very strange and random email conversation I had with somebody that I've never met or heard of in my life. While I'm all for small business and success, something about this seemed kind of fishy and made me dislike the emailer. Maybe because I know that creating a fitness eBook program is not a "get rich quick" scheme. Maybe because I believe you need to the best out there, in at least a few ways, and pay your dues, before you succeed. I'm not saying it can't be done, look at P90x, but that took awhile, tons of marketing, professional products, and high quality stuff. If you want to make a million dollar product, your first consideration better be how to help improve the quality of life of a customer and not how to get rich quick. If you want to make a million dollar product from scratch, often times it can take years or over a million dollars worth of investment. I'm not really sure why I even responded or kept responding, except to procrastinate on the actual work I really had to do haha. Anyways, enough blabbing, here is the conversation where I think I responded way too nice and optimistically:

Mystery Emailer:
Sorry, I just wanted some advice. I appreciate your time! I'll keep it short. I'm interested in launching my own digital fitness product in the future, in PDF format. I wanted to go for something like P90X and Insanity, but no DVDs/videos. Do you think it's realistically possible to make a million-dollar product in health and fitness, a workout program and diet plan that sells loads of copies a year, without implementing videos and such?

Anything is possible if it's done well, with enough work put into it, and you stick with it, market it well, provide innovation, satisfy consumer demand, get great connections, and have a little bit of luck. That all being said, people are more visual than ever these days so that is why video marketing and workout videos are so popular and viable. That's all I can really tell you without knowing more about what you have in mind. Hope it helps.

Mystery Emailer:
You say "That's all I can really tell you without knowing more about what you have in mind".

Well basically I plan on having a workout program and diet plan, I'd call it a "system" and sell it for around $30-50 a copy.

It'd be a home-based workout program. The main eBook would run through the program's key principles, the program itself and plenty of tips here and there, as well as instructions and demo pics for each exercise etc. etc. I'd also include a workout log, calendar etc. You know, a few bonuses here and there.

I'd make the eBook look nice and avoid having reams of text. I'd try to put images where I could. I'd make the sales page strong too.

But I want to make a product consumers will actually love and recommend to others. I see all the big programs are DVD-based, that's just my worry! :(

I could play it off and list the advantages of the product being digital, e.g. no shipping costs, lower price, instant download, print it off and carry wherever you like etc.

My main worry is whether or not consumers will be happy. There are big sellers out there like but that's more of an info product than a workout "system".


There are a lot of eBook workout systems out there, Vince Delmonte, Mike Chang (SixPackShortCuts), Jeff Cavaliere (AthleanX), and a dozen other big fish all utilize the eBook download method for their program. I think their programs cost $50-100 a piece. So again, not to say it's impossible, but it is a growing field that is more competitive every week. If you can bring something to the table that is truly unique and different from their programs that is crucial.

Mysery Emailer:


You say it's more competitive every week... that's actually promising, that means more and more demand right?

So there is strong demand for eBook workout systems? Do you think any of the guys you just listed are actually making millions?

Thank you.

P.S. I'll definitely be original.

I'd say demand is increasing, but competition seems to be increasing at an even faster rate. But maybe that's just my perspective as a small fish trying to thrive in a big pond. If I had to guess, the most successful of those guys might make 100-200k per year, but probably including all of their sources of revenue including advertising revenue, sponsorships, and other campaigns. Most of the people I know who are not those "big fish" make more like 20 grand a year or MUCH LESS, not much at all. It's not easy, you're competing against million dollar and billion dollar corporations who are getting into the industry. Again, just my experiences and thoughts. I wish you the best!

Pretty weird eh? Not sure why I was so polite instead of telling him he's probably going to fail in epic fashion.

So, if you want to make a copycat product, or think that you are going to make a multi-million dollar product overnight, good luck!

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