How Do I Get Rid of Belly & Hip Fat?

Many people come to me that are initially concerned with a "problem area" such as their stomach, "love handles", glutes, back of their arms, etc. Many of them have the idea that just exercising this specific area will get the job done and that total body training is unnecessary. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “spot-treating” when it comes to working out problem areas. That means, doing a thousand crunches a day won’t get you a six pack and doing a thousand leg raises a day won’t get you tight hips. 

The same goes for dieting. You can’t eat certain foods or calorie amounts to directly reduce your waistline or hips. The natural fat deposit areas for men is usually in the stomach and for women in the hips so that means most people will have more fat to lose from those places. You may lose the same amount of fat from your midsection as you are from your arms, legs, shoulders, etc but it might not be as noticeable since those other areas had less fat to begin with. 

Only an effective and customized nutrition and exercise regimen will allow you to reduce the bodyfat from these problem areas for the long term. It takes time so don’t get impatient if your desired bodyparts don’t get smaller or leaner immediately. 

You may also be tempted to look for a "quick and easy solution" like liposuction or other medical procedures. Keep in mind that these options can be very expensive, risky, and temporary. Supplements claiming to magically tone up your gut and your butt will also usually disappoint, while putting a dent in your wallet and potentially being detrimental to your health.  

You probably didn’t put on all that bodyfat overnight so it won’t come off overnight either. Patience!
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