Free Home Chest Workout


Enjoy this free home chest frugal workout to strengthen, tone, and build up your pec muscles. It's also great for building up some muscular endurance. Not everyone has a full home gym or gym membership so doing a comprehensive total chest training workout isn't possible. This is the next best thing that doesn't require any equipment, just your body weight and a couple items around the house. 

x = 1 set

Do modified pushups (from your knees instead of toes) if necessary

1x Warmup set of 15-20 Pushups

3x Wide Pushups pronated grip (knuckles facing forward)
3x Wide Pushups neutral grip (knuckles facing outward)
2x Close Grip Knuckle Pushups neutral grip
2x Incline Pushups (feet up on stair, chair, or bench)
3x Chest Flies (use gallon jugs of water or similar for weights)
3x Incline Chest Flies (add mid-upper back support if needed)

1x Burnout set of 20+ Pushups

You could also through in some dips here and there if you have some makeshift parallel bars, such as 2 stools or raise stable chairs to hold you up. 

Make sure to stay even and that you aren't compensating on your stronger side or you could end up with uneven pecs.

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