Free Home Boot Camp Conditioning Workout

Free Home Boot Camp Conditioning Workout Frugal Fitness Fit Fat Loss Lean Toning Metabolism

Burn fat, build endurance, and increase your lean muscle with this free home workout. Alternate exercises, minimize breaks between sets, and use a step / stair for your bodyweight dips, upper body stepups, and even pushups. No actual equipment needed!

1x 30s Jumping Jacks (Warmup)

3x Pushups
3x Bodyweight Dips
3x Burpees
3x Jumping Jacks
3x Situps
3x Upper Body Stepups
3x Planks w/ Alternating Leg Raises

30 Second Plank (Burnout exercise)

Add even more of a challenge by throwing in some jump squats or alternating explosive lunges!!

It won't take long but it will burn a ton of bodyfat!

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