Evaluating The Cost & Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil & Fish Oil Capsules

Do flaxseed oil and fish oil capsules really work or is it just hype from the dietary supplement industry? Frugal Fitness takes a look:

General Information 

Fish Oil and Flaxseed Oil Capsules are both excellent sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These healthy fats (also good paired with fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin D) provide several crucial benefits including raising gooEd cholesterol (HDL) and lowering bad cholesterol (LDL). I would recommend taking 1-2 capsules at once, 2-3 times per day to get the full benefits. Both are pretty inexpensive, the flaxseed oil is a little more expensive than the fish oil but I would rather not have the risk of potential mercury contamination. These both contain the extremely beneficial Omega-3 Fatty Acids that can lower bad cholesterol and raise beneficial cholesterol levels. It has also been suggested to help reduce joint inflammation and promote a healthier heart overall. I would suggest taking 1-3 1000g capsules per day on most days when you don’t eat fatty fish such as salmon. I’ve been known to take up to 5 or 6 per day. Make sure the fish oil capsules you are getting are from reputable brands that purify it to remove any toxic mercury (check label). Actual flaxseeds can be crushed and sprinkled on cereal, oatmeal, salads, etc. if you do not want to take capsules. They can also be purchased as ground flaxseed. 


A large container of Fish Oil capsules will cost you about $10 but you can often enjoy a Buy-One-Get-One free deal at CVS or other retailers. A large container of Flax Seed Oil capsules will cost you around $12-15, a little bit more but still worth the price in my opinion. 

Risks/Side Effects 

No major side effects for Omega-3 capsules except for upset stomachs, diarrhea, and bloating. Omega-3 capsules should not be taken if you are on cholesterol, blood pressure, heart, and some other medications. Avoid Cod Liver Oil as it has a much higher risk of mercury contamination, and it is also sometimes more expensive! If you are purchasing any type of fish oil, make sure it is from a reputable brand so hopefully the risk of mercury contamination is minuscule.

Overall it comes down to determining the best solution based on your diet, goals, medications, and professional medical advice (doctor, pharmacist, and/or registered dietitian).

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