Free Light Weight Upper Body Circuit Workout

Time for another great BeMoore Fitness Workout! This workout is great and only requires one-two sets of dumbbells. It is important to remember, that when it comes to shoulder exercises, light weight is very normal. In fact, many times to get the movement right and make sure that your shoulders are stable and healthy, dropping the weight down is important. 

This routine will hit your shoulders, biceps, and lower abs. They are great moves for strength building and muscle growth. Give it a try! 

4x10 bent straight arm rear-delt flyes (a front and side view are shown in the video to help you see how to align your body) 

4x8 ea. Static front raise (make sure your hands are at shoulder height, the idea is to keep one up, out, and as straight as possible as you lift the other) 

4x10 lateral raises (instead of going directly from the sides of your hips here, start with the weights in front of your body. Then, move out and up to shoulder height) 

4x10 curl to press (This is a great combo move. You want to do a regular curl, rotate & press with the palms facing forward. Use a weight that ensures your form is steady while pressing.) 

4x10 Arnold press (This move is half of the curl to press move. Remember, you want to be steady while pressing up. Don’t hesitate to work down in weight if your form begins to break.) 

4x10 hammer curls (Curl with the weights vertical, up & down with palms facing into one another.) 

End with this ab circuit (meaning back to back with little to no rest until you’re through with each):

10 ea. crossover crunches 
10 leg drops (5 each leg. Move slowly and don’t let your heel touch the ground.) 

Remember, a well balanced diet is key to success in any routine. While you add this into your week, keep in mind that you should try to plan a routine with your healthy eating habits as well. Consistency and patience is a major key that should always be in the back of your mind! 

Bernadette Moore is an online coach and personal trainer who owns BeMoore Fitness. She lives in Sidney, MT and is passionate about spreading knowledge about how to live a healthy lifestyle sustainably. Bernadette aspires to be a source of knowledge for women to learn how to live life in a healthy way and without gimmicks or fads. Check out to learn more or follow on Facebook & Instagram.

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I hope you enjoyed this free Frugal Fitness workout to help you amp up your body and burn fat!

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