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I've been working for over a decade to help others save money and improve their performance. On this website I focus on improvement obtained through savvy physical fitness, nutrition, supplements, alternative health, and motivation. On my equally large (or larger) website Bootstrap Business I passionately write about helping others improve their personal finance, start a company on a shoestring budget, market their brand, and make sound investments. After all, a healthy financial situation can correlate strongly with a healthier body and mind. It is all interrelated. 

With over 1,500 blog posts and videos from 250+ authors in 25+ countries, Bootstrap Business has been received very well by readers. If you haven't taken a look at my website I encourage you to do so for financial fitness fun! Other publications have also taken note of Bootstrap Business. Here are some of the articles and press that have featured it: 

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There are many other website, magazine and blog interviews and features that have yet to be cataloged and new ones popping up each month. I hope you enjoy the Bootstrap Business posts as well as enjoyed the above features. Manage that money maturely, heighten the health of your wealth, and pump up your profits!

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