3 Top Treadmill Alternative Machines For Cardio

top treadmill alternatives cardio machines

The treadmill is the old standby at the gym. Everyone knows how to use it and it makes for a really easy exercise routine. However good running or a brisk uphill walk can be, with so many other machines available to you it seems daft to limit yourself to just one. And one that, quite frankly, does pretty much the same job as the road at that… 

If you’ve got motivation and have already joined the gym, there are the other machines you can use to switch up your workout. 

The Recumbent Bike 

If you’ve had troubles with your back or you are recovering from an injury, the best recumbent bike is definitely for you. It takes the pressure off your lower back as you peddle but still makes for a really satisfying workout. To be honest, the best advantage of this exercise bike as opposed to the other, normal looking type is the distinct lack of saddle and the most gratefully received presence of a proper seat instead. Much more comfortable; a much easier ride!  

It's also a great alternative to treadmill training or elliptical workouts if you have an injured foot or ankle.

Anyone can use this machine for a great workout and you should definitely read these recumbent bike reviews to get a sense of what you have been missing out on all this time! 

The Rowing Machines 

The rowing machine is the ideal way to get a full body workout and will definitely help to one up your arms, shoulders and upper back, as well as help you to stretch out and build muscle. Is there anything the rowing machine can’t do??? 

If you haven’t tried a rowing machine before, there’s really nothing to worry about. All you need to do is pick up the handles and start moving back and forth using your thighs to push off and then really leaning back into the row. It might take a bit of time to get into your stride but once you find the rhythm, it’s really satisfying. Here are some fuller instructions to have a look at. 

The Elliptical Cycle 

Admittedly, this machine has a fairly off-putting name to go with it’s crazy looking combination of handles and pedals. However, like the under-estimated rowing machine, giving the elliptical cycle a wide berth isn’t the best way to take advantage of all it’s fitness benefits. In just 20 minutes, you can achieve a great full body workout that will make you look like the fittest bunny in the gym. 

You will need a bit of balance to get on board the elliptical cycle machine without looking like Bambi on ice, because some machines will move at your touch rather than wait for your to say go. But, again, once you hit a rhythm, you will quickly get into this machine too. And, when you achieve a mastery status on this machine, you will also figure out how to make it go backwards too! 

Creative Cardio

So now you know, that’s what those machines over there do! Go right ahead and skip the treadmill at your next session and get stuck in to reap the rewards of these awesome cardio machines.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about alternatives to those boring old treadmill workouts while still improving results.

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