Beginner Home Total Body Circuit TrainingWorkout

Enjoy this total body circuit training workout that beginners can do at home with minimal equipment or at the gym. This will target all major muscle groups with simple yet effective movements and light weight or bodyweight.

Do 3 Sets of all Exercises
10-15 repetitions of each exercise 
Frequency: 3x per week
Workout Time: About 30 Minutes

- Pushups
- Planks
- Crunches
- Hip Bridges
- Wide Squats with a Dumbbell
- Dumbbell Row
- Bicep Curls + Dumbbell Overhead Press
- Calf Raise + Shrugs w/ Dumbbells

As you get more advanced, increase weight, sets, repetitions, and/or increase to 4x per week.

Follow up this workout with a delicious protein smoothie within 30 minutes of completion!

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I hope you enjoyed this beginner home frugal workout.

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