10 Unforgivable Sins Of A Morning Workout You Didn’t Know About

Morning workouts are hands down the best physical gift that you can give to your body. It has been shown to reduce depression, CVD, cancer, boost your energy levels, reduce stress, and in some instances delay the aging process. And most importantly, when you get your workout done first thing in the morning there is no chance that you'll get too tired or busy to skip it later. 

On the flip side, there are multiple pitfalls that can fly in the face of your workout progress. Make sure not to make there errors during your early exercise They include but not limited to; 

Inadequate Sleep 

Doctors recommend that every person have at least 8 hours of sleep every day. This is for one simple reason, to allow your body re-energize and rejuvenate. If you are looking to exercise in the morning, it would be counterproductive to wake up feeling excessively tired as a result of sacrificing your sleep. 

Disrupted sleep cycles have been shown to arouse cancer growth by elevating melatonin hormone levels. 

Skipping The Warm-Up 

While doing moderate work out in the morning you can afford to skip warm-up. However, if you are indulging in HIIT, you risk injury by forfeiting warm-up. 

It's important to note that a human body takes a maximum of 15 seconds of warm up and muscular contractions to attain 1°C temperature. A good warm-up session should help your body temperature shoot by between 1-2°C. 

This temperature range is enough to trigger sweating which is all that’s required to warm up your body. 

By doing this before your morning exercise, you will be increasing the blood flow to the cardinal muscles hence averting unnecessary injuries. 

Working Out In A Restricted Range Of Motion 

A human body is a symmetry composition. In simple terms, it's like a jigsaw puzzle word that can’t work in isolation. Most people focus on working out certain body parts say the chest alienating the others parts. As a result, this imbalance leads to weaknesses in certain parts of the body with the back taking the largest share. 

High-intensity workouts work magic in defining your whole body muscles at the same time enhancing your aerobic fitness. It's not advisable to concentrate on just a single form of exercise. However, if it’s all you have time for always settle for high-intensity workout. 

You Do Your Cardio First Before Strength Training

Stepping foot into the gym to get stronger and add muscles is everyone’s dream. However, taking shortcuts is not only detrimental but counterproductive. 

If your main aim is to pack on muscles and getting stronger, never start by doing cardio and close the session with strength training. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, we always advise this to help you reserve energy for the weightlifting sessions. It can also be safer to have more energy during your weightlifting so you don't injure yourself due to fatigue.

Equating Working Out To A Punishment Or A Chore 

The sooner you realize that your workout doesn’t owe you any explanation the better off you will be. For this reason, once you start your morning workout, don’t take it as a chore but as a small step toward a healthy life. 

A workout is more than just putting on your under armour running shoes and running five kilometers every morning and lifting the heaviest weight your gym can afford. Coming with the right attitude and mental determination also plays a hand in reaching your overall goals. 

Not Tracking Workout Progress Or Diet

As the famous saying goes “if you want to manage anything successfully, you must be able to measure it”. 

Always take note of everything in your morning workout routine. Otherwise, how would you even know whether you are making any progress? Make sure to keep your progress quantifiable.

Everything from the type of exercise, number of reps did, and even minutes spent on each. You can also keep pictorial evidence by taking photos and periodically measuring your body fat percentage. 

This helps highlight your achievements and failures and know where to adjust accordingly. 

A case in example, if you start a new diet regime and the results aren’t reflected in your physique you will know where and what to adjust. 

Lack Of Consistency 

Most are the days we wake feeling lazy, tired and lethargy surrounding us. However, we tend to overlook the fact that building the body of our dreams is pretty simple: 

It entails honoring our commitments. If you commit to working out in the morning for three days a week, slot it in your calendar and ensure that you actually do it. If it’s proving to be unattainable, cut your routine to few days and never skip it. 

You Arrive Undernourished

Whoever started peddling the illusion that working out without eating anything deserves a lifetime jail term. Always keep it in the back of your mind that it doesn't help you burn fat and it’s not only doesn't work not only for you but for everyone. 

Studies have shown that having a snack before hitting the gym greatly improve the fat burning capability of your body. 

What’s the moral of the story? Always take your breakfast or snack before hitting that morning workout session. 

Your Workouts Are Super Predictable 

The only thing that is allowed to be predictable in this world are death and taxes, not your workout. Many are the times we tend to focus on working out without variation. What happens next (God forgive us) we slide down the boredom road and reach a fitness plateau. 

Our nervous system and system kick into adaptation mode and we seize to make any progress. All you have to do is shake things up and try to incorporate various workout programs whose ripple effects cants be underestimated. 

Following A Failed Fitness Trainer. 

Many are the times we always to fall into a Utopian world by relying on the trainer's past record which shouldn't be the case. Even if they were Mr. Universe or Ms Olympia during their prime and they are out of shape now, never hire them. 

As a general rule of thumb, your trainer should be the beacon of health and wellness that you look up to. 

They don’t necessarily have to be tip top all year round, but if you can hone some workout stunts they can’t, how do you expect them to help you transform? 

Final Thoughts 

Time wasted is never recovered. Who said that you have to spend your morning working out by engaging in ineffective methods? Bill Starr once an Olympic weightlifting champion said, "Endurance and persistence generate progress.” Work towards fixing these workout mistakes and reap the most out of your morning workout. 

Writer Jane Grates is an award-winning Writer. Health Enthusiast. Food and Health Practitioner. She's a web lover and the Co-manager of Runner Click, Nicer ShoesJanes Kitchen Miracles, Car Seat Experts, That Sweet GiftThe Gear Hunt. and Travel Scholar.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to make sure your morning workout is effective while still staying on a budget.

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