10 Ways To Never Skip Another Workout

how to avoid skipping workouts

So you have vowed to live an active lifestyle and stick to a healthy diet this year. New Year's Resolutions are notoriously challenging for most people. You're going to lose weight, eat healthier, look more fit, and get more active no matter what! But not every day is a good day though. There are a lot of times that you will be tempted to slack off and just spend the entire day in front of your TV set or computer instead of burning some extra calories at the gym. The temptation of skipping another workout is quiet hard to resist at times. How would you be able to religiously stick to your workout? Follow these helpful exercise tips below and you will never skip another workout session. 

1. Obstacle : You’re Too Tired To Exercise 

Being exhausted is one of the most common excuses of skipping a workout session. But did you know that not working out can even lead to more exhaustion? You would feel more sluggish and tired if you don’t have any physical activity. Despite being tired, get up and start breaking a sweat. Exercise does not only give you the energy to combat exhaustion but it also releases happy hormones which instantly makes you feel better. 

2. Put It On Your Schedule 

We live in a busy society where our day could get crazy. From constantly rushing out of the house every morning to endless traffic on your way to work to a day full of deadlines and meeting, you can easily get caught off guard and let other things be put aside such as your exercise. No matter how packed your day is, make it a habit to allot at least 30 minutes of your time to work out. 

3. Create An Incentive 

You may have a negative perspective towards working out. For you, it may only mean as an obligatory activity to lose the extra pounds that you gained four Christmases ago. All work and no play make everyone a dull human being, so incorporate rewards and incentives. When you achieved your weight goal for the week, reward yourself and buy that cute pair of shoes that you’ve been eyeing for a long time. 

4. Make It Fun 

Who says working out is equivalent to boring? Add fun to your workout sessions to keep you inspired and motivated. You would never feel that you’re working out if you’re spending every second of it with so much fun and excitement. There are a lot of workout plans that incorporate fun. You can checkout more Frugal Fitness Blog posts for a list of workout ideas that are fun and exciting. 

5. Cover All Your Bases 

Don’t just stick to one workout plan. Instead of spending the whole 40 minutes of your workout on a treadmill, have some variations such as strength, cardiovascular or flexibility exercises. You will get the most out of your workout session if you have these three workout plans. Their combination gives you higher energy level, increases your metabolism and makes your body free of injury. 

6. Obstacle: Your Workout Isn’t Working 

You have been consistently working out for the past two months and yet you still can’t fit on your old pair of jeans. Instead of throwing the towels and give up, evaluate your workout plan and think why you’re not getting the result that you want. Make some changes on your routine – such as the frequency, intensity or duration. Create variations and push yourself a little bit more. 

7. Reclaim Control 

Most of us have this bad habit of making ourselves a victim of our situation. Instead of accepting defeat and give up, work on the things that you have total control of. Sure, you may blame genes for your body structure but you have full control on how to change your body into a healthy and fit one. You have full control of your diet as well so evaluate your eating habits and be responsible enough to stick to your healthy lifestyle. 

8. Check Your Expectations 

Frustrations and disappointments are bound to happen if we’re setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves. If you’re currently a size 6 and you want to be of the same size as the Victoria Secret’s angels in just two months, then you’re just setting yourself up to a big heartbreak. It’s important to create a goal, but make sure that these goals are attainable and realistic. 

9. Pile On The Rewards 

Do you remember when you were still on grade school and you’d come home beaming with pride and happiness if you have three stars on your arms? Appreciation and rewards work in almost all aspects of our lives. Celebrate little victories and reward yourself. You don’t need to buy an entire limited collection of Kylie cosmetics; a simple ice cream treat for yourself can work wonders. 

10. Invest In A Personal Trainer 

Having a certified personal trainer can lead you to a successful workout. He can help create a workout plan that is tailor-fit to your body and needs. 

Continue Your Workout Consistency

It takes discipline and determination to be able to stick to your workout plan. The reward of your success will certainly outweigh all the pain and hard work that you’ve been through.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to never skip another workout. Keep your exercise and budget on point!

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