Top 10 Foods You Need to be Consuming For Optimum Testosterone Levels

From the top flight pro-athlete, to the average joe shmoe slouching on the couch, testosterone is the go-to hormone for the necessary biological boost in performance as well as general manly maintenance. Testosterone is the key chemical for most men to build muscle, burn fat, and boost energy. 

With so many aspects of our well-being hinging on the availability of this coveted androgen, it’s definitely worth looking into how best one can optimize their testosterone levels and do so as safely, legally, and naturally as possible. 

To that end, we will focus on food and nutrition that stimulates your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone, But first we look at what testosterone hormones are all about and why we need it to thrive.

The Testosterone Testament 

At an early age, humans begin to produce and secrete a vast cocktail of hormones. All of which are vital and responsible for growth, development, maintenance and defense. 

Among this spectrum of molecules we find testosterone, a predominantly male hormone, but also found in females to a much lesser extent, but no less vital. 

It reaches peak production in adolescent years during puberty and is responsible for most typical male secondary sex characteristics such as pubic and facial hair, deeper voices and more pronounced musculoskeletal development. 

Given its benefits for muscle and bone development, it stands to reason that the availability, or rather, the abundance of testosterone leads to optimal or boosted physical performance. This has led to many modern shortcuts aimed at boosting the bioavailability of testosterone in the body. 

These artificial means of acquiring the hormone’s benefits unfortunately pose many side effects and long term complications. It’s also worth pointing out that after puberty, testosterone levels in men tend to plateau, and men in their 30’s will often experience a gradual decline in natural production. 

So how do we manage, maintain or even increase our testosterone levels, without risking the many potential hazards of steroid use? 

Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone 

There are numerous proven ways to stimulate natural testosterone production in the human body. These processes will often lead to a gradual increase in production and not an immediate boost. The first sure way to boost your testosterone levels is by maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle, taking into full consideration diet and exercise. 

This fact reveals our relationship with testosterone to potentially be that of a positive or “virtuous” cycle, the better we live, the more testosterone we produce, the more testosterone we produce, the better we live. 

The same can be said for the opposite, being that if we live unhealthy, we will diminish our inbuilt ability to produce testosterone, this decrease in testosterone invariably leads to diminished health, a negative or “vicious” cycle. 

The role of diet and nutrition is therefore a major underpinning factor, with several studies having unearthed key nutritional compounds that unlock the door to increased natural testosterone production as well as the food sources they are found in. 

These foods that increase the production of testosterone also naturally contain the best vitamins for erectile dysfunction. 

Top 10 Testosterone Foods 

As pointed out, you can gradually boost your natural testosterone production with the right nutrients. Science has allowed us to condense all this man making goodness into numerous different health and performance supplements, but supplements are often a hefty investment, so here’s our list for the top 10 foods you need for optimum testosterone levels

1. Tuna 

Tuna is a triple threat when it comes to boosting performance and general well-being. It’s an obvious source of protein as well as Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Along with these two profound attributes, tuna comes packed with vitamin D, a nutrient know to boost testosterone production by up to 90%, according to a Graz Medical University study. 

Coconut Oil 

Most hormones, including testosterone, require good saturated fats in the form of MCT or medium chain triglycerides for their synthesis. 

Not only do these fats act as essential building blocks for testosterone, but they have also been proven to promote fat burning owing to their chemical makeup and thermogenic effect on metabolic activity. 

This basically means instead of being stored, the fat that constitutes coconut oil is burned for energy thus decreasing overall body fat. 

Decreasing body fat is known to have a positive effect on testosterone production. Similar results can be achieved with coconut oil. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 


Garlic is a tried and tested superfood, with an innumerable number of health benefits and the added bonus of being a fragrant flavor enhancer to many moderation of course. One specific attribute of the bulbous vegetable is its ability to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Cortisol and testosterone are antagonistic to one another, meaning they compete for access to receptor sites, so by lowering cortisol, we increase the potential availability and activity of testosterone. This correlates well with studies that link stress to decreases in testosterone levels. 

Garlic powder also has the power to help you save money and save calories by being a very low calorie and healthy way to add seasoning and make healthier foods more palatable. 

Cruciferous Vegetables 

Like garlic, these super greens which include cabbage, broccoli and kale help suppress hormones that naturally counteract the effectiveness of testosterone. 

In this case we’re looking at estradiol, an estrogen hormone whose excretion is promoted by indole-3-carbinol found in cruciferous veggies


These bivalve mollusks are rich in zinc, a major nutrient factor in the production of testosterone. These little delicacies have been traditionally known through the ages to boost sex drive, and since testosterone is pretty much responsible for your libido, now you know why. You can't spell "Oysters' without a big "O".

Pumpkin Seeds 

Another source of zinc, these are a cost efficient alternative to splurging on oysters and a much easier taste to acquire. Bioavailable zinc is also present in the seeds of other related squash plants such as winter and gem squashes. The seeds must be consumed raw for optimum nutrient availability. If you need some extra power, pound some pumpkin seeds!


This fragrant herb is known to contain apigenin, a potent natural flavonoid (plant pigment) which some studies have pointed to having an effect on the production of StAR, a binding protein that promotes conversion of cholesterol to testosterone in the testicles. 


Ginger contains ginerol, the ultra-anti- oxidant that gives this root veggie its superfood badge. Antioxidants make you healthy and being healthy produces more testosterone. Studies also point towards ginger containing an androgenic compound, and since testosterone itself is an androgen, it goes without saying that this little spice rack will stand the testo of time. 


This super fruit is packed with vitamins and antioxidant properties that make it a general wellbeing serum. Aside from this, numerous studies have shown daily consumption of pomegranate juice to improve libido and sexual performance in impotent men. 

Whey Protein 

Whey protein is another triple whammy when it comes to perking up T-Levels. 

Aside from offering many constituent nutrients necessary for testosterone production, it also lowers cortisol which we have now learned is a necessary step towards increasing effectiveness of existing testosterone. 

Finally, whey protein, as it is commonly used, helps build lean muscle, which in itself is beneficial towards optimizing testosterone levels. 

Bottom Line On Foods For Top Testosterone Levels

Maintaining or improving your testosterone levels is an important aspect to well-being and daily lifestyle performance. You'll get a lot more bang for your buck with your thrifty dieting and frugal workouts and wellness if your testosterone levels are at the optimal level. 

It is as easy as eating right, and while considered a male hormone, testosterone is an androgen, meaning it is present and vital in both biological sexes. In women, it improves general mood, sex drive and the sex itself. 

So next time you decide to stock up on these testosterone boosting treats, just remember to share, it will serve you well. Eat right and stay natural!

Sean Ward is Founder of Naturally Boost Testosterone, a men’s health blog dedicated to providing natural ways for men to boost hormone levels. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the top super foods you should be eating for naturally improved testosterone.

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