Free Gym Chest & Shoulder Workout

Home chest and shoulder workouts are very simple and effective to do with minimal equipment. However, when you want to train heavy or just pump some variety into your workouts, sometimes the gym or health club is the way to go. Here is an outline of the pectoral and deltoid workout that I've been doing on a weekly basis at my local gym.: 

x = 1 Set Of 12-15 Reps Of The Exercise

1x Pushups
1x Lateral Dumbbell Flies
1x Front Dumbbell Flies
1x Light Chest Press Machine

Main Workout:
3x Pec Deck Machine
3x Chest Press Machine
3x Dumbell Incline Chest Press
2x Dumbbell Incline Chest Flies
2x Cable Internal Rotations Light Weight
2x Dumbbell Shoulder Press
2x Dumbbell Front & Lateral Raises Alternating

1x Pushups Until Failure

Do this chest and delt gym exercise regimen once a week (or twice on occasion) for 4-8 weeks before making any significant modifications. Now pump up those pecs and grow some boulders for shoulders!

I hope you enjoyed this free gym chest and shoulder workout that you can still do on a budget.

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Stay Frugal & Fit My Friends!

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