Total Body Training Plan For Athletes & CrossFitters

total body workout

Training for sports is different then the generic weight loss workouts, toning programs, general health regimens, or bodybuilding exercise plans. Sport specific training all about maximizing explosive power, speed, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and compound movements as opposed to emphasizing isolation exercises and stagnant low intensity cardio. While building muscle and burning bodyfat are typically beneficial in most sports (and more chiseled athletes may have more opportunities off the field), training is more about movement over appearance. Try out this tiring total body training workout and boost your athletic performance in a variety of sports or CrossFit!

Do this athletic training workout 1-2x per week along with 3x per week of additional lifting workouts and cardio.

x = 1 set of 8-15+ reps


1x Plyometic Pushups warmup
1x Russian Twist Abs warmup
1x Quadripeds warmup
1x Plank 30 second warmup

Main Workout:

3x Barbell Front Squats
3x Barbell Power Clean
2x Barbell Snatches
3x Deadlifts
2x Barbell Bench Press
3x Medicine Ball Throwdowns
2x Bent Over Barbell Rows or T-Bar Rows
2x Chinups
2x Clap Pushups


1x Plank 30-60+ second hold
1x Pushups until failure
1x Wall Sit 30-60+ seconds

Make sure to accompany this workout regimen with healthy eating and plenty of sleep!

I hope you enjoyed this article about sports specific total body training on a small budget.

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