Free Bodyweight Home Leg Workout

Frugal Fitness free bodyweight home leg workout no equipment buns of steel

I hope you enjoy this effective home leg workout to strengthen and tone your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and more! Also great for burning calories, getting back into regular workouts, or rehabbing injuries that minimize the amount of weights you can use. You can always make it more difficult by adding repetitions, increasing range of motion, and/or decreasing rest time.

x = 1 set of 15+ repetitions

1x Bodyweight Squats (warmup)
1x Bodyweight Lunges (warmup)
1x Bodyweight Calf Raises (Warmup)

3x Bodyweight Squats
3x Bodyweight Wide (Sumo) Squats
2x Bodyweight Lunges
2x Bodyweight Reverse Lunges
2x Donkey Kicks
2x Posterior Straight Leg Raises
2x Bodyweight Single Leg Calf Raises (off a step or stair)
2x Seated Bodyweight Calf Raises

Finish: 30+ Second Plank w/ Alternating Leg Raises
Finish: 30+ Second Wall Sit 90 Degree Hold

*Stretch 3-5 Minutes*

Feel the burn and enjoy the rock hard glutes!

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