Want An Athletic Body? Here's Five Exercises To Get Started With

We all want to be complimented on our figure and strength. While women are still considered to be the weaker sex, there are plenty of endurance athletes who happen to be female. If your fitness and wellness goals include getting a six pack and noticeable muscles, instead of simply building lean mass, you can try some of these exercises that will not only make you look great in a little black dress, but also a bikini. 

1. HIIT 

The fastest and easiest way of building muscle mass is endurance training. You will not only strengthen your heart and your lungs, but also focus on the different muscle areas you would like to develop. You can spend half an hour or an hour three times a week doing high intensity interval training and achieve better results than with most gym workouts. Make sure that you are comfortable with the level of exercise and chip away from the routine if you are in pain in the beginning. 

2. Weight Lifting

A fun and challenging exercise for men and women, weight lifting is best practiced under the supervision of a qualified instructor. You want to make sure that you get your balance and posture right during weighted resistance training, or you might injure yourself, not being able to complete your program and feeling helpless. 

If you are thinking about taking this sport on, be sure to invest in protective clothing and good non-slip shoes. 

3. Kickboxing 

In case you haven’t tried this fun form of exercise yet, you should. Kickboxing classes don’t only help you manage stress but also develop arm and shoulder muscles, improve your balance, and tone up your abs and legs. It is intense, competitive, and a great way to socialize. You can finally say goodbye to the bingo wings, and men can’t mock you any more about them. 

4. Cycling 

If you are looking to work on your leg and hip muscles, as well as your abs, cycling can be much more fun than the exercise bike at home or at the gym. You can take on cycling when commuting to work, invest in a mountain bike to tackle challenging terrains, or simply go for a ride every weekend. You will improve your endurance and get closer to nature at the same time. 


You must have already admired the muscular body of professional tennis players. They are not exactly ripped, but all female athletes look great in a swimming suit and a little black dress. You can do this form of exercise alone or combine it with one of the muscle building workouts to get long, lean muscles as well as strong abs. 

If you would like to achieve your body goals and get fit in the process, you will want to choose workouts that will help you get into shape. Whether you want visible abs or the lean muscles of a tennis player or yoga instructor, you can find the right program. Train your body and mind, find a way to exercise outdoors, and say hello to the new you in the mirror soon.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to earn an athletic physique with sport practice and exercises on a frugal budget.

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