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Getting in shape and saving money is a personal decision but it can also be a team effort. Over the years I know I've benefited from other health, fitness, cooking, alternative health, and medical professionals in my own frugal fitness journey and in creating this website for you. Take a look at some of my fellow fitness and money-saving peers along with contributing authors (over 350 from 35 countries!) and consultants that have helped Frugal Fitness become an award-winning blog and YouTube Channel with 1,600+ articles and videos over the last decade.

Amanda Baier Wellness & Life Coaching

BeMoore Fitness

Fuller Web Design & Marketing

Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation

MyBizMedia Photography, Videography, & Marketing

Little Black Dress Images

Join Usana & 3x World Champion Boxer
Jose Rivera's Team: TEAM RIVERA!

Reiki, Reflexology, Energy Medicine, & Nutrition By Helen Chin Lui

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I hope you enjoyed these health and fitness industry resources to help boost your wellness while staying on a frugal budget.

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