5 Incredibly Interesting Outdoor Trends Rocking The Fitness World

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Regular physical activity is a vital component of a healthy and active lifestyle. However, not everyone is eager to endure gym sweat fests or hire personal trainers. The experience is becoming as important as the workout itself and we are allowed to have some fun along the way, are they not? The Green Exercise trend is turning the great outdoors into new indoors, setting the stage for thrilling activities. It is time to take your endeavors to the next level. Here are some trends taking the fitness realm by the storm. 

SUP Yoga 

Yoga is an ancient practice, yet it as popular as ever. One of the most peculiar iterations comes in the form of SUP (stand up paddle board) Yoga. So, can you imagine yourself performing those unorthodox poses while cruising on the paddleboard? If the answer is yes, then SUP Yoga might be for you. It combines stand-up paddle boarding with the low-impact yoga workout. There are many benefits you can reap from this incredible activity, including improved posture, strength, coordination, and flexibility. 

Mermaid Classes 

Who dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Mermaid classes, which are a new addition to water aerobics, at least give you a chance to feel like one. Facilities that offer classes are sprouting up across the globe. Programs are actually a mix of swimming, dance, core building workout, and aerobics. Hence, they provide a plethora of health and fitness benefits. The experience, of course, would not be complete without enchanting music and mermaid tails all participants wear. 

Nude Skiing And Snowboarding 

Nothing unusual here, just people storming down the snowy slopes butt naked. One of the first videos of people doing this emerged in 2013, and since then, many daredevils and nudists have embraced it. Already, there are many manifestations of people’s desire to defy chilling bite of winter nude skiing, topless snowboarding, kilt-clad skiing, bikini sloping, etc. Just be careful about frostbite affecting your extremities. 

The Electric Run 

This one has quickly become a global phenomenon; essentially a nocturnal 5K run that culminates in a wild dance party. So, yes, it is a rave party and mini marathon in one. Participants are encouraged or even expected to wear bright colors and put glowing accessories on. It is certainly a spectacle to behold and something that is not everyone’s cup of tea. You could say that it is tailored to those who like to dance the night away to upbeat music. 


Although it is more than a decade old, this sport has started spreading worldwide only recently. It is a ball sport played between two teams, one that combines the elements of volleyball, Brazilian dance, and football. Not only that— contestants jump on giant trampolines and are separated by a net. Usually, exotic tunes and sand beaches form a backdrop and guarantee enjoyment. Rules of the game are not hard to grasp, so check them out here and get the ball rolling. 


Each new year brings some seemingly-crazy health and fitness trends that disrupt the status quo. We see them as more than just some passing fads. After all, they invite people to break the same old routine and throw some fun and excitement into the fitness mix. The more enjoyable the activity is, the more likely are people to continue doing it. If you ask me, you should embrace the vast outdoor gym, one that is open 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and requires to membership.

I hope you enjoyed this article about absolutely fascinating outdoor trends rocking the fitness world while staying on a frugal budget.

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