Frugally Fit Flashback: Interview With Patch About The Frugal Diet

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Enjoy this throwback interview from reporter Jeannie Capone from the Patch that was published on the Medfield, Dover, Sherborn, and Needham Patch websites.

Jeannie Capone: Mike, it's been a few months since we first introduced you to our readers at Medfield Patch. You've been on tour publicizing your latest e-book and you will be giving a lecture and book signing at the Dover Public Library on Monday evening. What will your fitness topic be about? 

Frugal Fitness: Yes, I've been doing a few book signings in the Greater Boston Area for The Frugal Diet book and I'm finally doing my book signing at the Dover Public Library that was rescheduled from January due to those unrelenting blizzards we had. Since it's now April, I'll be giving a quick presentation on "How To Get In Shape For Summer On a Budget" and answering any questions on health and fitness in general. 

If people want to tone up and be more active for this summer, they need to start now and may want to incorporate some of my tips to save money in the process. Also, I'll be serving free healthy snacks, as well as healthy appetizers being offered by Frugal Diet Chef Mark Brambilla of Culinary Adventures at Home in Walpole. Who doesn't want free healthy food and free fitness advice? 

Jeannie Capone: What are some of the cheapest health foods that you expect to hit the produce aisles as we enter spring? 

Frugal Fitness: Well there will certainly be more fresh fruits and vegetables in season so prices for those will be down and nutritional content will be up since they won't have to be shipped from warmer climates. I'd recommend people try to buy their produce from local farms or farmers' markets as often as possible, or from a supermarket that you know is getting the majority of their food from local sources. Not only is buying local good for your body and your area's economy, but it is also frugal for you. I cover this and several other nutritional topics in my book The Frugal Diet, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Jeannie Capone: What is new on your health and fitness website? I'm sure readers will find tons of useful information... where should they begin? 

Frugal Fitness: I just merged my main website with my health and fitness blog – so now readers have over 1,200 articles to choose from on topics including nutrition, workouts, weight loss, health, sports, dietary supplements, workout videos, product reviews, the fitness industry, and more. I have been restructuring my YouTube fitness channel (Frugal Fitness TV) and adding high definition videos as well. There will be over 300 videos once I finish uploading what I've already filmed and they cover a wide variety of topics as well. My channel is a great resource for those that are more visual and auditory. Readers and viewers can start by checking out some of my more recent videos and articles and then find other topics of interest with my improved content categorization. 

Jeannie Capone: I've got a fitness question of my own. Do you think folks can get decent workouts without going to the gym, now that the weather is getting nice? I am feeling awfully sick of the gym and really excited to get out in the fresh air. How does hiking and power-walking compare with my winter-cardio-routine of the gym's elliptical? 

Frugal Fitness: I know that anyone can get an excellent workout without being in the traditional gym setting if they are motivated and creative. When the weather is nice out, especially after the winter we just had, I encourage them to do at least part of their workout outdoors. That can mean running, walking, hiking, or biking – and swimming down the road when it's warmer – or just by taking a mat, pair of dumbbells, and resistance band outside with them. The sun and fresh air can help energize you and give you some extra Vitamin D. Hiking and power-walking are great forms of cardio and are usually low impact compared to running so I would recommend these options. 

I would still encourage walkers and hikers to engage in a consistent and well-rounded strength training regimen though to make sure they are working all the muscle groups and keeping their metabolism nice and high. 

Jeannie Capone: One of your specialties is getting fit on a budget, which is a very timely and important concept for all of us. Could you give us some examples of the most expensive things we buy for the sake of fitness that you've found ways to cut out of the budget? What are cheaper replacements? 

Frugal Fitness: I will give you the best example of wasted money for the average person and that is purchasing a very expensive home gym machine like the BowFlex. While it is an excellent machine and very effective if used correctly, you can honestly get the same benefits from an old rusty pair of dumbbells, a $5 resistance band, and your own body. Add in a physioball and pull-up bar for another $40 total and you have everything you need and more. The Bowflex works great for some people, but it's $2,000 price tag and lack of portability aren't worth it for most people that end up using it as an expensive coat rack. Fitness is all about value and consistency in the end.

I hope you enjoyed this nostalgic interview with the Patch about how to stay in shape on a frugal budget.

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