Mile High Cannabis Vape Lounge is Creating A Buzz

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The Mile High City of Denver Colorado has created a buzz in the world of vaping and cannabis. Literally and figuratively Denver is buzzing about the first legal cannabis vape lounge in the country. The reality of legal public consumption of marijuana has arrived. The fact is in the form of vaping should surprise no one who knows and appreciates the Colorado mentality. 

Vaping is a growing industry for a reason. It won’t take you long browsing YouTube to find more than a few videos comparing the effects of vaping versus smoking. When you couple that aspect that vaping gives you a way to control the amount of your desired intake whether it be Nicotine, CBD Oil or THC the advantages start adding up for vaping. Now start adding cool flavors into the mix and you can see why the vape industry has grown at such a fast rate. 

The real buzz is being created because the vaping at Vape and Play in Denver Colorado is not your standard vape juice. Vape is the first legal cannabis vape lounge in the United States. The Vape Lounge does not sell cannabis and is set up more like a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle Bar) bar that some parts of the country have. In this case, it is bring your own cannabis or CBD to start vaping. 

The Cannabis Vape lounge has a bar that uses a specialized Trademarked and Patented vaporizer that makes flower, concentrates and THC vape juice all vapebale. This vaporizer is known as The “BadPenny” the unit has variable digital temperature settings is equipped to handle flower, liquid or solid concentrates, and THC vape juice. The really cool thing about this multi-faceted vaporizer is just that it’s really cool. When you enter Vape and Play you are given a vape whip. This is a long silicone tube with a mouthpiece. 

When you sit down at the vape bar with your cannabis ready to go you will then be shown how to use the vape whip. It plugs into the BadPenny and then comes and is wrapped around a cylinder. The silicone tube fits between copper coils of tubing. These copper coils are supercooled with gas flowing through them from a dry ice chamber. The result is the silicone whip is cooled and so is the vape as it flows for the heated concentrate through the long tube of silicone providing a cool crisp sensation and flavor. 

The flavor and differences in taste between the flower, concentrates and THC vape juice was incredible. We brought several small stash bottles of flavored THC vape juice we had made using Wax Liquidizer. The Pineapple was unbelievable. We even had the vape tender put some strawberry and banana in the BadPenny at the same time. The cool crisp taste was outstanding. We finished our Vape sesh it was time to experience the lounge part of the vape lounge. 

We bought our tickets online for Vape and Play and chose a 3-hour session that featured a local musician who performed cover tunes and originals. We were surprised at the quality of live music and wanted to give a Shout Out to James Hurtado for the great tunes. We mingled with another couple we had met at the bar. The vape juice lounge had an easy feel to it and it was laid back. We decided to utilize the Jenga game at the table near us and shared a few laughs and of course the inevitable crash of the wooden Jenga pieces. 

The aspect of getting the munchies was something I had not thought about prior to visiting the vape bar. I had come empty-handed and had a desire for something to drink and a sweet snack. It was obvious that the folks who ran the vape lounge had planned for these circumstances to arise. There was a bank of vending machines and to my surprise they were really reasonably priced. The eclectic selection was incredible. It was like going to a restaurant when the menu is too big and you can't decide what you want. The choices ranged from healthy to all-out sugary junk food. 

After grabbing some munchies we were back in lounge mode kicking back listening to tunes and socializing. I loved the fact the music was good but not so loud you couldn’t talk. The other thing I truly enjoyed is everyone there was really laid back. The loud obnoxious guy spilling drinks you get to meet at the bar was no place to be found. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and time in Denver and are really hoping that cannabis vape lounges become more widespread. It seems Vape and Play in Denver has set a great standard of what public consumption of cannabis should look and feel like. Next time we are headed to Denver we will get our tickets online ahead of time for another session at Vape and Play. Have some very good vaping, enjoy the high times!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about why the mile high cannabis vape lounge Vape and Play is getting great reviews for vaping marijuana bars in Denver Colorado.

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