Three Things That You Should Know Before You Start Running

what to know before you start running

Today, more and more people are adopting more active lifestyles. This is generally a good thing, and those who take up exercising regularly engage in the activity for all sorts of reasons. 

One of the many physical activities that has gained prominence in recent years is running. This form of exercise has become so widespread that running marathons started becoming popular again. In addition to the world-famous Boston Marathon, fun runs and other similar activities have also been organized in various cities all over the globe. 

Now, if you are one of those people who have been intrigued by running, but haven't quite started yet, there are some fun things that you should know before you take your first step. These surely make running a more worthwhile experience. 

Running Is Like Sex (And It Can Also Make Sex Better!) 

As mentioned, running is a form of exercise that many find enjoyable. We will make it even more fun to do by letting you know that it can be an alternative for sex if you are not having lots of it for a reason or two. Both activities burn a lot of calories, so they really are able to keep your weight in check. These activities also release hormones that make you feel pleasure and calmness. Aren’t these the feelings that we all yearn to have? 

Additionally, some sources say that running can improve your sex performance when you are having it. For one, running sculpts your body, making you more confident about your looks and your eventual seductive prowess. Running also helps in the release of chemicals that increase aggression, which is basically what everyone needs to be explosive in bed. 

Running might have dire effects on your teeth, so take precautions 

Running, or exercising in general, is good for the health; there is no question about that. However, like anything else, it also has its costs. Physical activities can have bad effects on teeth, although many of them are indirect. For example, runners normally breathe through their mouths, especially during the more rigorous parts of the activity. This dries out the mouth, making the teeth more prone to decay caused by microbes. Why? More than just moistening the mouth, saliva also helps kill and flush away harmful bacteria, so it's necessary for maintaining oral health. 

Some runners also take supplements that are chewy, posing a threat to whatever they’ve already achieved with dental work such as Invisalign invisible braces, fillings, and veneers. To preserve your teeth (and avoid breaking a tooth while on a run) opt for liquid supplements instead. 

Running Shoes Are Great, But There are a lot of alternatives 

When you do any activity, it is wise to use the clothes and equipment that is specially designed for it. So, when it comes to athletic footwear, running shoes automatically become your best picks. However, there are times when running sneakers are just too expensive. Luckily, there is other athletic footwear that you can use in their place. Basketball shoes such as the LeBron 16 from Nike are among the most effective replacements. 

Like true running shoes, the basketball kicks are also equipped with technology that make movements more efficient. Another type of shoes that you can have as alternative are training or workout shoes

Running is great, but knowing more about it is practical and truly helpful. Your extra knowledge just helps you better prepare for what’s to come when you decide to hit the running track.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about what you need to know before you start running or stepping up your jogging regimen.

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