4 Tips for Making Homemade Birthday Cards

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You've come up with the perfect recipe for a birthday cake, and have finally found the right venue for a birthday party. 

The only thing you're missing when it comes to celebrating someone you care about's birthday? 

The card itself. 

You've spent so much on putting the party together, you'd like to cut corners wherever you can. 

Read on to learn how to make adorable and low-cost homemade birthday cards. 

1. Print a Picture

We love the idea of printing out a picture of you and the birthday boy or girl and writing a special message on the back. 

Plus, once the recipient has read your homemade birthday card, they can frame the photo or hang it on their fridge. 

Whenever they look at it, they'll remember all the great times you shared together. 

2. Try a Candle Card

One of the greatest traditions of every birthday party? 

Blowing out the candles on the cake. 

That's why we love the idea of candle homemade birthday cards. 

Find a cute, basic card you like, or make your own out of construction paper. Then, add a special message on the front, and decorate it with a singular birthday candle.

We love this because it adds a bit of dimension. Plus, the birthday boy or girl can put the candle on top of their cake! 

If you want to take things to the next level, you can use a cake topper instead of a candle.

Just fix it to the front of an otherwise plain card, and you'll have a DIY homemade birthday card that also serves as a gift!

3. Use Free Birthday Card Templates

Let's face it -- not all of us are exactly artistically talented. 

Still, that doesn't mean we can't create cute homemade birthday cards. 

You just need to find free online templates for birthday cards from places like Adobe Spark. You can choose the perfect background, central image, colors, font, and text. 

As a bonus, these DIY templates also make creating birthday party invitations easier than ever. 

4. Enlist Your Kids to Help

When all else fails, remember that some of the best -- and certainly most creative --  birthday card ideas come from kids. 

People love getting sweet cards adorned with children's scribbles and pictures. 

Plus, having your kids make homemade birthday cards for your favorite people can help to keep them busy for an entire afternoon. Head to your local craft store and let them pick out different kinds of materials. 

Then, explain to them who the card is for, and tell them to start creating! Now that's what we call great parenting advice

Follow These Tips to Create Winning Homemade Birthday Cards

Remember that homemade birthday cards don't have to be perfect. 

The only real requirement is that they come from the heart. 

Looking for more ideas about the best ways to celebrate your favorite people? Need help deciding on the right do it yourself gift? 

You can go ahead and relax. We've got you covered for creative DIY projects and money saving tips. 

Keep checking back in with our blog to make sure you're always ready for any occasion -- without having to break the bank. 

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