How Does Exercise Improve Work Productivity?

how exercise improves work productivity workouts increase efficiency

Most people start working out in order to lose weight or gain muscle. However, with regular physical activity, you’ll not only improve your look but also gain a potential promotion at work. How? Here are all the ways exercise improves work productivity. 

It Boosts Alertness 

One of the biggest benefits of exercise to your productivity is boosted alertness. When you work out, you experienced an increased blood flow to the brain and sharpened attention. Exercising also gives you more energy (even though this sounds very contradictory) which means you will feel fully awake at work and be on top of your game. Even if you don’t have time for a full workout, you can make small changes like take a walk during lunch, take the stairs or bike to work. 

It Improves Mental Health 

Thoughts of anxiety and depression affect not only your mood, but they cloud your judgment and prevent you from focusing on your tasks. However, exercise releases serotonin that makes you feel happier, more stable and more ready to deal with your feelings. 

It Controls Stress 

Stress is very common in the workplace and it’s something that can lead to not only less-than-desirable results, but also ruin your relationship with coworkers and employers. Exercise offers a healthy way to vent, boost endorphin production and improve your work productivity. With exercise, work stress is not only lowered but also easier to handle. 

It Boosts Mood 

When you’re constantly angry, anxious and just not in a good mood, you can’t give your 100% no matter what task you tackle at the office. However, with exercise, you’ll get a substantial boost in the production of feel-good hormones that will result in a heightened sense of happiness, self-worth and confidence. Employees who are confident need less time to finish tasks, focus better and have healthy and productive relationships with coworkers. And most importantly, through exercise, you’ll get a new surge of optimism that will fuel your desire to have a fully productive day. 

It Grows Your Brain Power 

Do you often find yourself doing the same tasks at work so many times that you feel like your IQ is dropping? While you can’t really lose brain cells by not using them, you CAN do something that will allow you to grow more cells—exercise! A substance that triggers brain cell grow (brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF) is released during exercise. However, don’t over-exert yourself, otherwise, you’ll feel too tired to work! If you love to go hard at the gym, grab a BCAA and electrolyte supplement that will aid muscle regeneration (and growth) and keep your body properly hydrated during and after your gym session. These supplements will keep you feeling fit and ready to tackle your workday even after a hard-core morning workout. 

It Boosts Creativity 

Did you ever ask yourself why you get the best ideas when taking a shower, shopping or doing chores in your garden? Well, the reason behind this phenomenon is the movement! When you move, your motor cortex is busy and you get to “zone out” which gives your subconscious mind the freedom to come up with amazing ideas. So, if you ever find yourself in a slump with a work issue or a solution to a work conflict, hit the gym. While you use the treadmill or pump iron, you’ll get into a creative flow and brainstorm something great, so have your phone on hand. 

It Improves Sleep 

If you suffer from insomnia, your whole lifestyle will be subpar, your job included. Sleep deprivation affects alertness, creativity, focus and mood all which can make you underperform at work. However, exercise is one of the best ways to cure chronic insomnia. People with insomnia who exercise report improvements in their sleep patterns and get more sleep than their sedentary counterparts. 

It Improves Your Overall Health 

Tackling work when you’re completely healthy will certainly make you more focused and sharp. Not only will physical activity control your weight and minimize various health issues, but it will also improve your cardiovascular health and give you better stamina to meet the demands of your work. This will reduce the risk of job-related injury and allow you to perform to your best abilities. 

Exercise will not only improve your performance at work but also make you healthier, stronger and more confident. So don’t hesitate to join a gym, get in a workout, or go outside for a run starting today and you’ll instantly reap benefits.

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