Fat Burning Yoga Workout For Women

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Stress has been part of everyone’s life. Women experience a lot of stress on a daily basis. Every day, there are different stressors that are encountered such as misunderstanding with husband, baby crying, demanding boss and etc. And as a result of stress, it slows down metabolism which causes weight gain or getting fat. That is why it is essential among women to have a stress reliever. Yoga and vitamins are some of the best relievers that will also help in weight loss. You can visit Yes Wellness to choose which will work as your stress reliever and fat burning. They offer different products that have antioxidants and enhances memory and focus. Yoga and vitamins are dynamic duos for a stress reliever. For better results, both should be on track. 

One main cause of gaining weight is stress. The hormones are unable to function well thus it slows down the digestion of the food that enters the system. There are many ways to lose weight but the most essential part is to take action on the culprit and one of those is stress. 

Yoga is not just for physical wellness, it is also for the mental and spiritual being. It focuses more on internal being and then to external. Unlike the usual exercise, yoga is mostly done either at home or someplace where it has peaceful and calm vibes. It relieves stress and renews strength. It stretches the muscles that have been intact from a long day of work. It hits two birds with one stone. 

Those two birds are stress relieving and fat burning. Here are some yoga workouts for women for burning fats and relieving stress: 

Inhale, Exhale 

This is the major and golden rule in yoga. Proper breathing has a lot of benefits and also it is the main ingredient in doing yoga. Without the proper inhaling and exhaling, the results of yoga in the body will be defeated. Before proceeding with the movements, proper breathing should be performed first and foremost. It is not just simply inhaling and exhaling, there is a proper way to do it before doing yoga movements and while doing those. Thus, while doing yoga, there are proper breathing also that needs to be done according to the movements. Proper breathing and movements are the dynamic duos in yoga. It relieves stress and renews inner strength. It also helps with the muscles. You will feel the relief inside with proper breathing. 


This yoga workout is very effective because it requires to participate in muscles in the arms, shoulders, and abs. The proper planking way is to get a yoga mat first to avoid accidents. While at the yoga mat, lie down with your head facing floor but put your hand apart from the face frontward. It is like doing push-ups but no movements. The shape of your body should be a lower slant. Proper breathing is also involved in the planking. Never forget to breathe properly while doing the planking pose so that the body will not lack oxygen the lungs will be kept healthy. 

Chair Pose 

This yoga pose engages muscles in the arms, butt, legs and abs. It is like a squat exercise but it does not require movement and the arms should up higher than the head. Before doing chair pose, sway your hands from your back then bring it on top of your head. It’s like you are trying to shovel something from the bottom then bring it to the top. Always remember the proper breathing also. Inhale, exhale while doing chair pose. 

High Lunge 

This pose is very easy. It involves muscles in the arms, legs, and butt. This yoga pose also helps the knee joints. The proper way of doing it is to do a pose as if you are about to run. If you’ve seen runners, before they begin running, they are doing warm-ups and stretchings on the legs. Put one leg frontward apart from the other leg which should be backward. The sight should be eye level. Raise your arms above the head. Breathe in, breathe out. 

Raised Arm Pose 

This yoga workout requires movement though it is simple and easy yet effective for the whole core. Stand up properly meaning eye level sight and straight body. Inhale before moving up your arms and reach up above the head through the fingertips. You can also do palm touching if preferred. 

Final Thoughts

Now that there have been yoga workouts provided for women for fat burning, will you settle for only that? Of course, not. That does not mean yoga is not good enough, it is. But for better and more effective results, vitamin intakes should be done also. Yes Wellness offers different products that help in fat burning. Highly suggested products are Botanica Turmeric Lemonade and Botanica Lion's Mane Iced Tea. 

Yoga training and Yes Wellness Vitamins are inseparable if the goals are to burn fats and relieve stress at the same time. Try now and see the life- changing experience others already had. Always remember, yoga and Yes Wellness vitamins are the dynamic duos for fat burning.

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