Exploring The Difference Between DIY And Professional In-Home Health Care

diy personal medical care vs professional in-home health care medical assistant personal aide

There has been a lot of and significant changes in health care services over the years. It has evolved from the essential facility based option to much comfortable DIY and even home based face to face treatment. 

It has now become a more paper-centric industry wherein the patients are able and allowed to track their health conditions and even monitor the changes and progress electronically right from the comfort of their homes. 

In fact, there are lots of benefits that patients now can enjoy with the advent of home health care. Now people can conveniently age in place of their choice. However, development and use of technology home health care has also a played a significant role in it as well in several different ways such as: 

• It has allowed the patients to choose new and better health care alternatives even as do-it-yourself health care. 

• Typically, the DIY healthcare has defined it simply as a special type of self-care as in this specific process of home health care there are specific tools and technologies provided that are specifically meant and directed towards the particular patient. 

• These tools enable the patient to successfully manage and administer their overall health without requiring any direct assistance from the doctor and even a nurse. These technologies have has laid the foundation to connect continuum care at the home. 

Though nothing supplants contact with a professional doctor and a skilled human hand, these technological developments and use are seen by the researchers and healthcare leaders as the new stepping stone. These tools can perform as good as a doctor or a caregiver thereby transforming the ways in which people now receive medical care on a daily basis to the truest sense. 

More On Home Health Care Technologies 

The modern home health care tools and technologies are considered as industry-changing. You will cow come across a lot of different types of mobile apps that are well appreciated and extensively used by both patients and physicians alike. 

• These technologies are helping the patients in ways more than one including providing them with care data on real time basis. 

• The patients now can gain access to their therapeutic records and at the same time use a host of wellness tracking tools. 

• These tools have a very easy to use interface that is intuitive and helps them to track all important and relevant aspects of wellbeing and good health including exercise, diets, medications and even vital symptoms. 

These tools are vitally important elements for DIY healthcare as it helps them to monitor almost every aspect of their health remotely. In addition to that, these tools also act as alert systems that help them in a great way in case of an emergency situation. 

This is due to the fact that these systems can be linked effectively and successfully to an emergency response team or to a medical provider. 

You will be surprised to know that advanced technology that has developed the mobile apps have made a significant impact in the home health care sector of the industry. It is found that: 

• More than 50% of the doctors feel comfortable using the mobile apps or any other device that monitor vital aspects of the health and care of the patient 

• More than 86% of the doctors believe that these mobile apps will pay a very significant role in the near future to manage the health info of a patient 

• More than 50% of the patients on the other hand have admitted that using these mobile apps have reduced their unnecessary trips to the office of their doctors and 

• About 50% patients believe that in the near future these mobile apps will transform DIY healthcare and the way they monitor their health at present. 

Therefore, in short these tools provide those people who want to age in place a complete peace of mind and it is all due to its great deal of flexibility in using and monitoring both the fundamental as well as vital elements of the health of a patient. 

Benefits Of In-Home Therapy 

No matter how effective and convenient DIY health care is nowadays, the benefits of health care, rehab therapy at home provided by reputable professional services such as myallamericancare.com and others cannot be overlooked. They are reliable and reputed and are expert to deal with the suggested treatment procedures as well as the preventative methods for patients suffering from a varied and multiple medical conditions. 

• They can provide both pre and post-operative therapy to a patient preparing for or recovering from a surgery 

• They can even deal successfully with different disability and debilitating diseases 

• They can provide the required and useful assistance to patients suffering from chronic illnesses that may have affected their physical abilities and mobility. 

Most importantly, these home care services have eliminated the need of travelling to and fro the facilities for availing the necessary therapies or stay away from the comfort of their homes and families in a medical care center no matter whatever the circumstances are. 

• In addition to the convenience factor and reducing of travel time and ride required, such home care service has also eliminated the time for getting an appointment. It means you do not have to waste any energy getting in and out of your car and up and down the stairs. 

• All home therapies and care are provided at an entire realistic, homely and practical environment to make it as functional as it would have in a care facility. Most importantly, the knowledge, encouraging and supportive attitude of the care givers establish a partnership that offers a unique support to the patient to recover soon. 


To sum up, it can be said that home care services provides the additional physical and emotional motivation to the patients that facilitates and even expedites the recovery process. In most of the cases it is found that the patients are more comfortable and satisfied when they know there is a skilled and qualified health care professional by their side in their home, round the clock.

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