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CrossFit is not traditionally a frugal pursuit, if you pay $200 or more per month just to do a dozen workouts at an official CrossFit gym. It's not personally my go-to exercise plan preference, but you can't deny some of the appeal and benefits. But you can do CrossFit workouts in any dirt cheap big box gym, or even at your home gym if you make some modifications and know what you're doing. Enjoy these growing number of free CrossFit articles and free WODs to try out:

Opinion Articles on CrossFit

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- The Good & Bad Of Home Gym Workouts & WODs

Free CrossFit Workouts Of The Day (WOD)

- Total Body Training For CrossFitters & Athletes 

- Killer CrossFit Workout Of The Day 

- Tire Flipping WOD 

- Pushup Powerhouse WOD 

- Punishing Push Pull Powerhouse CrossFit WOD 

- Kick-Ass Kettlebell Workout Of The Day

More free CrossFit articles and blog posts plus Workouts Of The Day routines coming soon!

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