How To Distinguish Real Shilajit From The Counterfeits

How To Distinguish Real Shilajit From The Counterfeits purblack resin unboxing review

Shilajit is an outstanding source of essential lipids, which regulate the kidneys function and affect the functioning of the reproductive system, inflammation and allergic reactions. 

Amino acids, which are present in Shilajit, take part in the protein and carbohydrate metabolism, stimulate the cardiovascular system, improve blood circulation in a brain. It is a fact, that some of the same amino acids, which are contained in Shilajit and are manufactured in a synthetic way, do alleviate alcohol cravings, irritability and normalize sleep. 

Patients, who take Shilajit as a primary therapeutic mean, as well as with other medications or substances, which were prescribed by practitioners of various medical schools, have showed improved health. The rehabilitation process was substantially expedited. To make Shilajit more efficient it is a good idea to take occasional brakes from it (not develop tolerance) and come back to its use. 

In some individuals Shilajit has a stimulating effect on a central nervous system. This is why it is important for a person who takes it to observe and understand how the substance affects the person in the morning and at night. 

It does not in any way demolish the healing properties of Shilajit, on the contrary it proves the efficacy of it. At the same time it is important to know what Shilajit can be used for in individual case to case basis and be reasonable in dosages and durations applied. 

Since shilajit is a highly desired substance, there are multiple counterfeits of Shilajit, so how does one distinguish the real product from falsifications? 

Visual Test

Visually quality and authentic Shilajit is very dark brown or black resin, which is sticky. The resin looks somewhat like a tar and produces a bit of a tar glitter if exposed to direct light. Water solution of shilajit is brown, it looks somewhat like lighter coffee or dark beer. The taste is bitter with a highly specific aroma. Despite all the described properties they are not always sufficient as identifiers of Shilajit. 

In order to precisely identify Shilajit, one need a lot of scientific experience and equipment. For any person it is not possible, beyond using identifiers, which we describe below. Nevertheless, the following basic tests are useful and can be applied. 

Dissolution Test 

Authentic Shilajit is 98-100 water soluble. It may take different amount of time to dissolve the substance, but it will usually fully dissolve in water without creating the “sandy “ on non dissolvable substance in the solution. Here is the way to perform the dissolution test. 2 parts of Shilajit (by weight) are added to 100 parts of clean warm water (by weight). Both are vigorously stirred for 7-15 minutes. Room temperature Shilajit should dissolve completely in water. There should be no sandy residue or clumps left. 

Alkali Acid Test 

The alkali and acid test are done separately. The solution is prepared in transparent glass in order to monitor the results. 2 Parts of Shilajit are dissolved in 100 parts of clean water (by weight). Once two different batches are prepared the tests are performed. 

Baking soda is added to the first batch. The solution should not change color. To the second batch one adds vinegar. In a little while one can observe “lightening” of the solution which will take place mostly on top of the solution and an abundant precipitation in the “acidified” batch. 


To summarize all that was said above – Modern Science proves that Shilajit has a wide range of biologic effects: germicidal, bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory, bile-expelling, overall health improving, and anti-stress. Due to its content, Shilajit stimulates activity of multiple enzymatic systems in a body and supports various immunologic processes.

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